2011 in Review: The ‘Riting and the Randomness

The books of 2011 got two posts this year, but everything else on the blog goes into this great big link-a-palooza. Let’s start with more numbers! (All stats via Google Analytics unless otherwise stated)

But first, speaking of stats…in case you missed them, I posted 2011 book stats yesterday. The 2011 “Books of the Year” post will be up tomorrow!

By The Numbers: 5 Stats
Total visitors in 2011: 15,400
Unique visitors in 2011: 9,860
Total pageviews in 2011: 24.035
Average pages per visit: 1.56
Subscribers: Somewhere around 500. I think. I know the number has dropped this year since I set up a Facebook page for the blog and moved the feed over there–I have more FB friends than the page has “likes”–but it’s probably a more accurate reflection of readership.

Bonus Statistical oddity: Blogger’s own stats, which are about double what Google Analytics says and make even less sense, suggest total annual pageviews closer to 47,000. I’m not sure what to believe.

5 Most-viewed 2011 Posts
How to Offend Moms, Non-Moms, Housewives, Women over 50, Teens, & Genre Readers in a Single Sentence (June)
Shelf Awareness Book Talk: *True Strength,* by Kevin Sorbo (I know this post got picked up and linked on his website–thanks, Hercules fans!) (November)
The Annual Alzheimer’s Post: Walking to the End, Again (thanks, team supporters!) (October)
Why I’m (re)reading *The Handmaid’s Tale* – and I’d love to have you join me (August)
Sunday Salon (on Monday): How to Write a Book Review (October)

5 Older Posts That Still Got Views
Factors for a successful marriage – the Pew Survey (originally posted July 2007, and the most-viewed post of 2011–thanks, Google searchers!)
Quick, change the station! Ten songs I can’t stand (March 2009–and still can’t stand any of them!)
Ten on Tuesday: I am Music, or these are the songs of my life (February 2009)
The office gift exchange (December 2007–this one seems to resurface every year around the holidays. Go figure.)
A Vacation Story: NYC – A night on Broadway, a day at the museum (July 2010–this one got linked on a couple of travel websites)

5 2011 Posts That Got Viewed Elsewhere
Coping with a crisis, one tweet at a time; or, last week’s hospital story
(May–syndicated on BlogHer.com)
Things to Know (and Love) about LibraryThing (June–featured on BlogHer.com)
There’s still time for late-summer “beach reading” (August–pointer to my “Great LA Beach Reads” feature on CBSLA.com)
Book Banning in My Own Back Yard (September-MomsLA post “It’s Banned Books Week! What Are You (And Your Kids) Reading?”)
Dear Amazon: You can’t fire me. I quit. (March-MomsLA post “Amazon Threatens to Cut Off Associates to Spite the State”)

5 Favorite Posts of 2011 That Didn’t Get As Many Views as the Ones I’ve Already Linked
Bullet Points: Or, me and a gun (February)
BEA Aftermath: Personal Highlights (June–3rd of 3 posts, and includes links to the others)
Bye-bye, Borders–for real, and for good (July)
Comic-Con 2011, Part 3: Who’s Your Doctor? (August)
Full Disclosure: On blogging, books, and money (November)

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