Absorbing Edgy Epic Literary Novella!

Since I’ve been doing my civic duty at the Ventura County Courthouse this week (so much for my Reading Days!), I’ve just got a quick link to some Friday fun.

My editor at Shelf Awareness recently shared a list of “decoded publishing buzzwords” with the reviewers, and it’s too good not to share with all of y’all. Here’s a sampling:

acclaimed”: “poorly selling”

definitive”: “could have used an editor”

edgy”: “contains no adult voices of reason”

novella”: “short story with large font”

a real tear-jerker”: “writing so bad it makes you cry”

and my favorite:
continues in the proud tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien”: “this book has a dwarf in it”

More decoded terms, and credit to those who defined them, are at One-Minute Book Reviews!

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