Reporting on Book Blogger Con for She Posts!

One of my favorite things at BEA was making introductions between bloggers. I just think it’s rude not to make introductions when someone comes up to join a conversation already in progress; and when I’m introducing one blogger to another, it’s so much fun to see the spark of recognition when they realize that they already do know one another via their writing. And I’m the non-niche book blogger who was asked to moderate the “Blogging for a Niche Market” session at Book Blogger Con.

You know me…I’m all about the bridge-building and the connecting and the inclusion.

And while I’ve embraced my book-blogger identification more strongly than ever over the last year or so, I’ve tried not to lose some of the connections I’ve made in the mom-blogger community. But I don’t get many chances to connect them with each other.

For that reason, I was very excited when my friend Kim Tracy Prince invited me to report on the Book Blogger Convention for She Posts. She Posts is

“…dedicated to keeping social media moms informed about what’s happening in the community. We keep pace with marketing campaigns, conferences, best practices, and give folks the back-story to hot gossip by surfacing conversations happening across the web.”

Kim’s given Book Blogger Con a great feature on She Posts, and I’m glad I could help raise the community profile outside our own blogger/publisher/author circle. Go and read it – you just might be mentioned in it, and there are pictures, too!

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