In other places, other words (and pictures)

It’s been a busy week in New York City! I’ve been tweeting from Book Expo America, but really haven’t had the time or mental energy to do much more. In addition, I left my camera cable at home, so pictures will have to wait until I’m reunited with it. It always strikes me as ironic that bloggers go to blogging events and don’t blog from them; and at this reading-related event, I’ve barely done any reading, either!

But I’ve really enjoyed spending time with some of the most awesome book-blogging people this week – special shout-outs to Sassymonkey, Kim, Heather, and Rhapsody Jill for now, with more mentions to come later; we have missed Melissa, but are glad she’s able to make it to the city for the Book Blogger Convention today!

I’ve been participating in Armchair BEA as much as possible from the “real” event, and have a guest post up on the blog there today in connection with the “Blogging for a Niche Market” session I’m moderating at the Book Blogger Convention. You can see my very first – and possibly last – vlog, an interview with Beth Kephart recorded at BEA on Wednesday morning, at Armchair BEA too. Kudos to the fantastic Armchair BEA team – especially Danielle, Michelle, Tif, PamChris, and vlogger Emily – for putting together an incredible second year!

And one more thing, in one more place, in case you missed it when it was here: my post “Coping With a Medical Crisis, One Tweet at a Time” has been syndicated on

Normal programming will resume, I hope, some time next week – there’s a lot to tell once I find the energy to tell it!

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