Week-End Review: Does it count if I haven’t been around all week?

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Friday Fill-Ins

1. For me, it was one busy week! Between work, physical-therapy appointments, preparing for the panel I’m moderating at the Book Blogger Convention next month (!), and making some necessary changes to my eating and exercise habits, I’ve gotten very little reading done since last weekend’s Readathon and almost no blogging. You may have noticed. Or maybe not. But it may be like this around here for another few weeks, or until I’m finished with PT and/or auditors (or both!) – and right now, that can’t happen soon enough!

2. Since there’s a big grocery department at the new Target, I buy a lot less at my local supermarket.

3. Behind the sound of the wind in the trees, I heard the coyotes howling (we have some as neighbors. Lucky us).

4. Spending a week doing nothing but reading is something I always wanted to do (and I think I still do!).

5. When it was over, I really needed a nap!

6. I spent most of my time home by myself while recovering from shoulder surgery, but I (almost) never felt alone.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting home early enough to take a nice long walk, tomorrow my plans include coffee with my sister in the morning and watching the new Smallville episode we’re recording (it’s on tonight) later in the day and Sunday, I want to do something special and fun with Tall Paul to celebrate the sixth anniversary of our first date!

I’ve had to do the “mark-all-as-read” thing with my Google Reader more than I like during the last couple of weeks, but I’ve still gathered some links to share with y’all:

If “community” is one of your reasons for blogging, you probably wouldn’t do this, but is there a reason you WOULD close comments on your blog – that is, not take comments at all (as opposed to just on specific posts)? Also, if your Twitter bio sounds like everyone else’s Twitter bio, you need some help. (And BTW, if your Twitter bio includes too many of the clichés listed here, I may not be following you.) (both via ShePosts) And have you ever considered the inherent fickleness of your relationship with social media?

One reader’s frustration in applying literary analysis to commercial fiction; one reader’s frustration over whether to bother reviewing fiction that’s both unknown and not very good

A new variation on the serialized novel – buying a book as a chapter a month. Would you try it? And if you’ve ever had an author at your book-club meeting, do you feel that it inhibits the discussion?

The American Library Association’s list of 2010’s most-challenged books was released this week – will this give you more of a reason to read one of them? Another list announcement: the Orange Prize for Fiction shortlist.

Copycat covers, uncovered!

No interest in the Royal Wedding? There’s an app a mug for that. Speaking of apps and things that use them, remember when phones just made phone calls?
It’s April 15th – did you get your taxes done yet?

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