Week-End Review: Friendly Words and Four-part Linkage

Have you had Words with your Friends yet? 

A few weeks ago, my son told me he’d downloaded the Words With Friends game for his iPhone, but since I didn’t have a smartphone of my own at the time, I was unable to do anything with that bit of information. That changed last Friday.

Words With Friends was one of the first apps I got for my brand-new iPhone (free with ads, but there’s an ad-free version for $2.99; it’s now available for Android, too). If you’ve played Scrabble, it’s an easy game to grasp, although the scoring’s a little different, and it mixes in an element of old-fashioned chess-playing by mail; only two people can play in each game, and since players respond to one another’s moves at their convenience, one game can last for an hour – or for more than a week. If there’s a limit to the number of games you can have going consecutively, I haven’t bumped up against it yet. You can even text-chat during games.

I’ve lost far more games of WwF than I’ve won, but the magnitude of the losses is slowly becoming less embarrassing, so apparently it is possible to improve with practice. If you play too, come play with me! My username is Florinda3Rs, just like it is in most of my online haunts.

Four-Part Friday Linkology

For the Blogging Toolbox:
Do you like to play with pictures but fear Photoshop? (Watching my husband use that program just intimidates me more…) Well, their free version is one of five free photo-editing programs featured by ShePosts. (I’m a fan of Picnik myself, but I plan to check a couple of the other ones out.) And on BlogHer, “must-haves” and “don’t-haves” for newbie bloggers (and older ones who might need to shake things up a little)

Talking about the biggest news of the week in post-earthquake updates from Tanabata in Japan and Marsha (Sweatpantsmom) at home

Questions people were asking:
When you’re not a “personal blogger,” how personal does your blogging get?
Does “If you like X, you’ll love Y” marketing work for you?
Have you considered the subtext of the “Best Seller” list?
Is the shine already wearing off on her e-book reader?

Other things to talk about:
The books we’ve loved and lost (literally); also, does this take “loving your books to death” just a little too far?

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