Week-End Review: Friday Fives & a Funny Foto…

(…that’s a lot of F’in stuff, isn’t it?)

Five From Me:
I thought I wouldn’t have much to review with you at the end of this week, and debated whether it would be better to toss up a place-holder post or just take the day off. You may assess my choice differently than I did…

This was my first week back at work that’s actually been spent at work every day. And it’s been a very busy week there – good time to be back, but bad timing for the blogging, which is why I was scrambling to get this post together at 9 PM last night. But I can type with two hands again!

I’ve started physical therapy – three times a week, plus exercises to do at home – and I think it’s doing what it’s supposed to. I do not miss the Ultrasling AT ALL – but just to be cautious, I haven’t gotten rid of it yet.

* My status update on Twitter and Facebook last night:

“Tonight I’m cooking for the 1st time since mid-January (pre-surgery). I THINK I remember what to do. Hope we don’t find out differently!”

* My husband’s Facebook reply:

“That explains why there’s chicken cooking in the dishwasher.”

PSA of the Day: Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tomorrow night! Daylight Savings Time is back again, taking an hour away from us – and just because it happens in the wee hours of Sunday, it thinks we don’t notice. But everyone else will notice if you’re an hour late to everything because you forgot to do it!

Five I Found:

Professor Trisha explains why the job protection tenure provides still has value (and not just to those who are tenured)

Amy reflects on the ways writing about reading can change how one reads – occasionally, to the point of getting in the way of enjoying reading at all

A Good Samaritan’s calling: calling out people on their not-good behavior, because someone has to

America’s Happiest City is NOT happy with Mardi Gras – in fact, they outlawed it in 2005(!).

From the Reading List: (because I haven’t shared a Not Always Right story in a while):

(A customer comes to our help desk, looking upset.)

Customer: “My daughter’s teacher assigned this book. It’s totally inappropriate for a twelve year old! I was hoping you could suggest something else.”
Me: “What’s the book, ma’am?”
Customer: ”I don’t want to say the name out loud. There are children present.”
(The customer hands over the assigned reading list. The book is ‘Moby Dick’.)Me: “It’s not a dirty book, ma’am. Moby Dick is a story about a man and his hunt to kill an elusive white whale. It’s actually rather good. I read it when I was about your daughter’s age.”
Customer: “Well, they should name it something different. You should tell the author person he needs to change the name.” 

(I’m not sure anyone’s telling Herman Melville much of anything these days…And seriously, who makes middle-school kids read that book?)

And just for fun, a Friday Foto:

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