From the archives: Christmas Spectacle!

These were taken during my family’s 2006 and 2007 visits to the place my sister calls “The House
That Threw Up Christmas.” This truly is a local institution – according to their website, their first Christmas was in 1964, the same year as my first Christmas. They’ve got a photo archive through 2005, so you can see how the display has evolved over the years – well, “grown” is a more accurate word than “evolved;” it just looks like more and more stuff was added over time, and nothing’s ever left. There are also pictures of some of the interior decorations online, since you know they wouldn’t have limited themselves to the front yard.

I suspect this neighborhood doesn’t have a homeowners’ association…

If you can figure out what most of these plywood and animatronic characters have to do with Christmas – well, tell me, because I am clueless. We haven’t been back for a couple of years, but perhaps it’s time to return and see what’s new.

If you’re going to be near Simi Valley, let me know and I’ll give you the directions to find – or avoid – this place. Or just ask anyone on the street – chances are really good they’ll know all about it!

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