Not-quite-Wordless Weekend: Sunrise Over Los Angeles

There’s a little scenic-overlook park on Mulholland Drive, just above the Hollywood Bowl, that I pass on my way to work. I had a little extra time one morning when traffic actually wasn’t horrible, and I stopped there to take a couple of pictures.

This is the city. Los Angeles, California. Morning traffic is a little on the light side, which is probably why I had time to stop for picture-taking. That’s a light fog, not smog, looking toward downtown.

This is also the city, looking toward the west. Way out there in the distance? That’s the Pacific Ocean.

I had actually hoped to capture a more typical morning rush hour on the 101 Freeway – that is, no rushing and mostly at a standstill – so y’all would know why I complain so much about my commute, but I had some kind of luck that morning. I’ve had better luck this week, though, since I’ve been off work since Thursday!

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