Where did the summer GO? (Into my blog, it seems…)

Days that don’t follow the normal routine – get up, go to work, come home – seem to exist in a different time stream, pulled out of the calendar and somehow blown away somewhere. The “normal” days can become compressed together, and suddenly it’s later than I thought – time has certainly flown, but there seem to be holes in it.

The last few months have had more than their share of out-of-the-norm days, and here in August, that classic question seems especially significant: where did the summer go?

Fortunately, most of it has been documented. Those days outside of time seem to have spawned an awful lot of blog fodder.

The summer began with two weeks away on the East Coast – the first in Washington DC, the second in New York City which spawned a five-part recap with lots of photos, like these:

The day we got back from our trip, I fell and dislocated my shoulder. This garnered me three weeks with my arm in an immobilizing sling, one more week away from work and two more weeks of a split in-office/work-from-home schedule; it also brought me two to three sessions of physical therapy each week, which I’m still doing – I think I have at least another month of it to go. However, I seem to be recovering quite well and am not expected to need follow-up surgery, so there’s that.

Once I did get the all-clear to retire the sling (except at night, for another few weeks), I still wasn’t back at the office on a regular schedule. July and August brought long-planned trips to San Diego for Comic-Con (Tall Paul and me) and back to New York for BlogHer’10 (just me), which were accompanied by necessarily shortened workweeks. At least these disruptions were for fun, though!

The travels are over now, though, and while the calendar and the climate say we’ve got plenty of summertime left, the unofficial end of the season – Back to School – is upon us; in fact, my 15-year-old has already started, since her school operates on a unique schedule that corresponds more closely to a college calendar.

But aside from Washington, New York City, and San Diego, there’s been another place I spent a lot of time this summer – in books. I’ve posted a dozen book reviews since the beginning of July (and have written a couple of others not yet posted); my LibraryThing catalog, which is more current, shows 32 books tagged “2010 Review” right now (I’m in the process of reading numbers 33 and 34). Travel and recuperation from my injury both provided a lot of reading time, and I’m still squeezing some in at my PT appointments. (I talked about this more in my Sunday Salon post this week.)

Even if this summer did go in some unplanned directions – and I spent several weeks of it one-handed, which didn’t adversely affect my blogging as much as expected – apparently I do know where most of it went. It’s pretty well documented! Where has your summer gone – and did you enjoy going there?

(dandelion clock: photo credit)

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