Week-End Review – with bonus Movie Review!

I couldn’t come up with a Question of the Week this week, so I thought I’d tell you about something else we did this past weekend.

Mini Movie Review: Date Night

We saw Date Night last Sunday (in the afternoon, actually – ). The basic plot was kind of ridiculous, in my opinion. Unless a movie is clearly meant to be make-believe, I’m starting to lose patience with movies that have realistic trappings but premises that could only happen in movies. Suburban couple is mistaken for a pair of blackmailers and spend a whole night dodging crooked cops in New York City, ending up in a strip club? Sure, it happens every day!

Despite that rather large quibble, I enjoyed the movie, but it was mostly for the moments that didn’t have much to do with that premise. I admit to being a fan of both lead actors, but I could totally buy Steve Carell and Tina Fey as the couple in question – Phil and Claire Foster, married working parents caught up in the routine, which includes the book club where people don’t always read the books and the weekly date-night dinner at the local tavern. Their characters were likable, and the way they related to each other was convincing. I especially liked the way that they would create and tell each other stories about the other couples around them in the restaurant; what people-watcher hasn’t done that?

Still, I can accept that Date Night has no especially profound themes or big messages; it was a fun couple of hours that made me laugh, so it did its job. Entertainment Weekly gave it a B, and I don’t disagree.

If you’ve seen Date Night, what did you think?

Disclosure: We purchased our own tickets and refreshments for this movie, which earned points on my husband’s Regal Crown Club membership.

(image via MoviePoster.com)

Dispatches: Links from Across the Blogiverse this Week

In the blogiverse, whether we intend to or not, and no matter what niche we focus on, nearly all of us are engaging in some form of marketing – and this is not automatically a Bad Thing. Also: is Twitter not such a Good Thing for the blogging community?

Bloggers as a group have often been accused of narcissism – but you can evaluate that for yourself

Age isn’t just a number…it’s also a perception of the number. And at some age, puppies become cats, and parents reluctantly step back as it happens

The secret of “shopping mojo:” don’t go out looking for something in particular, and that’s when you’ll find all the good stuff. Somewhat related: those shoes were ugly then, and they’re ugly again

A longer-term perspective on Earth Day

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter why; some things aren’t tests of the strength of a friendship, but may be indicators of different strengths

It’s a bumper sticker, not a theology textbook (also: e-mail is not authoritative)

The learning curve is flatlining, via Not Always Right

Bookstore | Massachusetts, USA
Customer: “Hey, can you help me find this book?”
Me: “Sure.”
(He holds up a piece of paper with the title and author of a book on it. I find it on the shelves and hand it to him.)
Customer: “Thanks! How’d you do that so fast?”
Me: “Well, I’ve worked here awhile, and the books are all in alphabetical order by author’s name.”
Customer: “What do you mean?”
Me: “Alphabetical order. Like the alphabet song? You know, A’s before B’s?”
(He looks confused, but then widens his eyes.)
Customer: “The letters actually go in that order? I thought that song was just to remember them all!”

Granted, Big Bird thought it was the most remarkable word he’d ever seen, but come on already!

Friday Fill-ins #173

1. Where are my reading glasses? No, not those reading glasses, the other reading glasses!
2. If wishes were horses they’d live in a big field and eat hay.
3. I’d like to see grandchildren…some day, no rush!
4. When I was a teen, I thought I’d never get asked out on a real date.
5. One of my mother’s favorite sayings was “the nerve of some people’s grandchildren!”
6. I’d have a hard time doing without my fast Internet connection!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to pizza, maybe? tomorrow my plans include spending the day at the LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA with some blogging buddies(!) and Sunday, I want to recover from the Festival and spend some family time!

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