A short hair-story of faking it

Hair stylist and client Quite a few years ago, I spotted some chestnuts for sale in the produce section of the grocery store and thought, “That’s my hair color.” My stylist at the time agreed, and told me that he had clients who paid good money to get it. Despite that, I decided to experiment with highlights shortly after I turned 40. I’d recently lost a significant amount of weight, I’d never played with my hair color before, and a friend gave me a salon gift card for my birthday – it seemed like a convergence of signs telling me to change my look. The fact that I’d moved across the country and no longer had the same stylist meant I was unlikely to be talked out of it, either.

My second husband and I met almost five years ago, and until this past December, he’d never seen my natural hair color. It had been even longer since I’d seen it myself, and I started wondering what it might look like these days. It hadn’t had too much gray before…how much had that changed? I’d never intended to become someone for whom coloring her hair was a necessity, and my plan had always been to age gracefully and naturally, which would most likely mean gray hair some day – maybe it was time to take a break from faking it, and see where things stood?

I’m letting my hair down and showing my true colors at the Los Angeles Moms Blog  – read the rest of this post over there!

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