Money talks at Work It, Mom! – now with more links

(If you subscribe to a feed – yes, you’ve seen this before, sort of. I keep running into relevant links and adding them…)

I’m talking about some simple ways to help kids learn about money over here. Please go and read it if you have a few minutes, and if you have any ideas or suggestions on the topic, leave me a comment either here or there (you have to join WIM to comment there, but not to read the article itself).

UPDATED 2/15 to include a link (I forgot when I originally posted this) to one creative way of teaching money lessons – applied principles via the (board) Game of Life (via Consumerist). Sometimes parenting involves seizing unexpected opportunities.

UPDATED 2/18 to add yet another link: Fabulous Financials reported on a survey concerning teens and money that reiterates one of the points from my WIM article – that kids learn more about money management from seeing what their parents do than hearing what they say about it. Kids do notice inconsistencies between the two, and it’s a miatake for parents to think otherwise.

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