The day after – a Thanksgiving meme

I’m thankful for memes when I need ideas for posts, and for the other bloggers who are glad to let you make off with them. I found this one on Thursday evening via Laurie at Team Building is For Suckers, but I’ve adapted it for post-Thanksgiving Day responses. Where did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? At home with the family Did you travel to get there? No, that was the point of staying at home […]

iPod Random Ten 11-23-07

I’m not sure my iPod’s going to get played today (day off work, woohoo!), and I’m hoping to do some iTunes shopping this weekend and update my playlist, so these ten songs may never actually be played in this order. But anyway: “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding,” Elvis Costello, 200 Cigarettes (movie soundtrack)“When You Were Young,” The Killers, Sam’s Town“Dear God,” XTC, Skylarking“Antichrist Television Blues,” Arcade Fire, Neon Bible“You Won’t See Me,” […]

Thank you, thank you…

My son refers to this day as “Gorgefest,” but all the food is just the trappings. This is one of the many, many blog posts that will go up today in recognition of the American Thanksgiving Day. This is actually one of my favorite holidays, and it’s not all because of the good eats – I think it’s great that we have a day officially set aside to be grateful for all the good that […]

The Complaint Department; or, the evolution of an optimist(?)

I know this week we’re supposed to focus on the things we’re thankful for, but let’s be honest – sometimes it’s pretty darn hard to feel grateful. Sometimes there’s no silver lining in sight. Sometimes we’re just not happy. Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project has some interesting tips on how not to be happy: — Hone your powers of discernment so that practically nothing can meet your standards, and be sure to tell everyone […]

Wiki Wednesday 11-21-07

Time to learn something! 1. Go to Wikipedia.2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.3. Post it! And this week, it’s another wiki geography lesson: Collingham is a village 3 km (2 miles) south east of Wetherby in West Yorkshire. It is in the Leeds metropolitan district. The clergyman, the Reverend William Mompesson was born there in 1639. The River Wharfe runs through the village towards Wetherby as does the main A58 trans-pennine […]

Together apart

Relationships can take many forms. Couples aren’t married, and live in separate homes. Couples live together, but aren’t married. Couples get married, and live together. Couples are married and live together, but one member feels like a single parent because the other isn’t around very much. And here’s a couple (via AisleDash) who are married, but live apart in the same city. In a recent article in Self magazine, Judith Newman describes her 14-year marriage, […]

Ten on Tuesday 11-20: Ten Reasons It’s Great to Be a Woman (or Man)

Obviously, I can’t speak from experience about any reasons it’s great to be a man… I’m going to qualify this list, based on my book club’s recent discussion of A Thousand Splendid Suns, and make it “Ten Reasons It’s Great to Be a Woman in 21st-Century America.” We may still have a long way to go, but we’ve truly come far… We have choices and control over our lives that our foremothers probably could never […]

Caught up in a net(work)

I’ve talked about my ambivalence over the the whole concept of “networking” before, but I think I’m making some progress in getting out there. The strangest thing about it so far is that this well-documented introvert with a timid streak and a fear of rejection has become someone who doesn’t wait to be asked – in formal online-networking settings, I’ve extended more invitations than I’ve received. But they keep being accepted, and I guess that […]

The reading life (a meme)

This reading meme comes via Dewey at the hidden side of a leaf (open invitation, no tags – I’ll do the same. Join in on your own blog if you want to.) 1. Do you remember learning to read? How old were you? I don’t really remember learning to read, but I know that I was reading by myself before I started kindergarten, so I assume I was somewhere between four and five years old […]

Reading list

Via Alison’s book blog, I’ve found The Lists – Books for the Obsessive Reader. If you’re always on the lookout for reading ideas, this is a blog worth checking out. Alison’s attention was caught by this list of 100 Most Influential Novels by Women Writers. I’ve marked the ones I’ve read at some point in my life with a *. Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind* Anne Rice, Interview With the Vampire Virginia Woolf, To […]

Book talk: “The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking”

Book talk: “The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking”

The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking (or, What Would Jane Austen Do?)Diane K. Danielson and Lindsey Pollak As a networking-challenged individual, I’ve found the online world makes the process a bit less intimidating. But there are so many places to make connections there, and the rules are still evolving, so finding your way through it is another learning experience. Diane K. Danielson, founder of the on- and offline networking group the Downtown Women’s Club, […]


Technically, this should probably be a Tuesday meme, but since I got tagged with it last night (via e-mail from my sister), I’m making it a “casual-Friday” thing. I won’t tag anyone else – if you’d like to play along, please feel free, and leave me a comment about it so I know to visit your blog! Two names you go by:1. Florinda2. Nina Two things you are wearing right now:1. Black cardigan sweater2. My […]