“Every other day is a kick in the shin…

…every other day it’s like the day just wins”

Thanks to the Old 97’s for putting that so well. Today was most assuredly that day. Any day when two members of your staff resign is that day.

The first employee had been with us for about six weeks, and some personal issues – which were actually in the works before she took the job, although we didn’t know that – required her to take a few days off last week. When she returned today, it was for about 15 minutes to say she was resigning effective immediately, and turn in her keys and ID. My boss wasn’t all that surprised by the outcome given the sudden (to us) need to be out of the office, but she had shown a lot of promise and was off to a good start, so it’s a definite disappointment.

And I’m not sure if the first resignation influenced the second one, but that one did come as a surprise – at least in the timing. The fact of its happening is honestly not all that big a shock. The employee in question would have been asked to take back a few tasks she’d recently been able to transfer to the other departing employee, at least in the short term, and she clearly didn’t want that. Despite the abruptness of her giving notice, though, I have to think there are other reasons – I know she’s been unhappy about some aspects of her job – but she’s been vague about them. And since she’s been with the agency for six years and has a pretty vital function in the organization – paying the bills – we’ll have to get a temp in soon, at the very least, while looking to hire quickly.

We were short-staffed for most of this summer, and I’ve been running behind due to our system conversion and other projects, and things were just starting to fall back into place. This will definitely not be my favorite year in work history. And one of the most irksome things about the latest developments is that they’ll probably take time away from my blogging activity. I’ve been doing a bit of writing this evening in order to get some posts stockpiled, but if I’m not around here – or visiting your blog as often – it’s because of the job I actually get paid to do.

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