I think I was a “slacker mom”

Of course, one of the great things about reading blogs is when they tip you off to stories and info you might have missed elsewhere, and today’s On Balance blog entry pointed me toward this item on “slacker moms” from USA Today. I’ve heard the term, but hadn’t really found out much about what it signified before, and what do you know…it’s not as pejorative as it sounds on the face of things, and it seems to describe my own overall parenting style, so I think I like it. While my son did grow up with a fair amount of structure in his life – a necessity with two working parents, and living in a city without extended family nearby – there was a fair amount of flexibility within that structure. Eventually a parent has to let go anyway, and I think it may make it easier to do that if you’re not so overly enmeshed with your child; to my mind, a somewhat less child-centric home is actually pretty healthy, and what most of us in my age group grew up with ourselves. So I guess being a “slacker” may not necessarily be a bad thing…

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