Clothes “r” me

A new online community called Work It, Mom!, dedicated to working professionals who are also parents, has introduced me to some new-to-me bloggers that I’ve added to my Reader feeds.

Susan Wagner is a “mom blogger” at Friday Playdate, but she also blogs on fashion on her own Friday Style blog and at, and in a new blog called “Working Closet” on Work It, Mom! Clothes are rather a hobby of mine, so I’m definitely there.

She’s starting out with a series of posts about overhauling your wardrobe (read: purging) and realizing you always have something to wear…she’s said she’s a big fan of “shopping in your closet.” This quote from the first of these posts is, unfortunately, very me:

Before we jump in and start negotiating the details of how to make your closet work for you, we need to know what’s IN your closet. I’m certain that you have a closet stocked with perfectly lovely clothes. I am also willing to bet that you find yourself, more often than you would like, standing in front of your well-stocked closet moaning that you don’t have ANYTHING to WEAR. And I would wager that , at least occasionally, you solve the problem of nothing to wear by buying something new. And, finally, I’m positive that at least some of the time, you drag home whatever it is that you bought to make it easier to get dressed only to find that you have something EXACTLY LIKE IT in the closet already. And that you still don’t have anything to wear.

Yep, been there, done that, way too many times.

I made a comment on her second post, and Susan actually acknowledged it! I’m a newbie to the commenting side of blogging, so it’s exciting for me. It’s part of this link.

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