Show and Tell Sunday, September 27

My stepdaughter Kate celebrates her 21st birthday today, in remission from leukemia. Her dad made her a card.


This week I did something I’ve never done in Los Angeles before–I rode the subway. (Did you know we have a subway?) I had a couple of meetings in another office, and found it much less stressful than driving–and figuring out the parking–there.

This week’s reading has a couple of things in common with last week’s. The meetings I just mentioned were two of many going on at work lately, and they’re not letting up for the next couple of weeks. Between that and fall TV, this isn’t the most productive reading time for me.
Since I knew it would be a busy time otherwise, I didn’t sign up to participate in Sheila’s Banned Books Week event at Book Journey this year, but Banned Book Week starts today!
In other bookish-event news, it’s almost time to join Jessica at Quirky Bookworm for another round of #31bookpics!

“We bloggers typically make very little money, if any at all, on our blogs. For a lot of us, our blogs are just a sacred place where we write about our personal lives, observations and opinions- it’s not a place to pimp out other people’s products.”

“Head-turning induces shame and the longing to wish you could just once go somewhere and not be noticed. Head-turning is embarrassing and makes you feel a little less than human. Head-turning makes the shy and introverted just stay home and hermit.”

–I’m on the opposite end of the height spectrum, but I’ve been on the receiving end of turning heads for similar reasons

“I have noticed that the only people who talk openly about work-life balance in my workplace are single men without dependents. They are willing to defend their free time in a way the women don’t seem able or willing to do, and this doesn’t seem to be less true with mothers than with women who don’t have children… I think the way we socialize women to acquiesce to authority is probably a big part of this. But to what extent do I fulfill this prophecy all by myself?”

Brenna learned a little more about life balance this week 

Will you be able to see the supermoon lunar eclipse tonight?  Paul has charged up the batteries and checked the settings on his DSLR camera, so I think we’re ready. What else are you up to this weekend?

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  1. First, great card from Paul for Kate, not that I’d expect anything less from him. Second, I don’t think I realized that L.A. had a subway.

    As for the eclipse, I might be able to see it tonight. Might be a bit cloudy here so we’ll see (or well, not see, as the case might be). Tomorrow, my wife and I will be continuing our tidying up project based off the Marie Kondo book. Next up is papers. Reading? I really don’t know. I’m thinking maybe the latest book, Pleasantville, from Attica Locke, but I’m not…well..locked in.

    1. By now, I’ve seen your eclipse pictures on Instagram, and you have probably seen ours. Paul brought out his serious camera AND the tripod; we had clouds, but he did manage to get a few good shots anyway. Good luck with the Kondo-ing!

  2. Happy birthday to Kate! What a wonderful day to celebrate!

    I had no idea y’all have a subway.

    1. We’re actually deferring Kate’s birthday observance to Tuesday night, because she already had plans for the big day.

      Yes, LA has a subway. It’s not especially useful because its territory is rather limited, but if you’re traveling within those limits, it’s really pretty good!

  3. LA has a subway??? It was a little too cloudy for good viewing last night. Bummer.

    Balance … sigh. It’s even worse when you’re self-employed. I feel that I should be working all the time.

    1. It was cloudy here too. The eclipse should have happened on Saturday night when the weather was more cooperative :-).

      I’d probably feel the same way if I were self-employed, and I think that’s one reason I’m not.