Sunday Salon: Off to the Book Fair!

The Sunday

The past week was not a stellar one for either reading or blogging, and the upcoming one (or two) doesn’t look to be much better, to be honest. Work’s busy, traffic is lousy, school’s back in session, and there are demands from all sides–the off-line life is calling, and there’s just not much time to write anything that doesn’t have a firm deadline right now. Don’t look for me around here more than a few times a week for the next little while. I’m not even going to be participating in the Fall edition of Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon on October 22, due to its unfortunate scheduling conflict with my wedding anniversary.

Earlier in my blogging career, not having posts in reserve and ready to fill this busy time would have seriously stressed me out–and to be honest, I’m not thrilled by the prospect even now. But I’m not killing a perfectly good Sunday in front of my computer cobbling together content, either, as I have been known to do in the past. Instead, I’ll be doing this:

I didn’t even know the West Hollywood Book Fair existed until this past Friday, but having missed the LA Times Festival of Books this year, I was excited to discover it! The WeHo event is on a smaller scale, but will also offer author appearances, panel discussions, and plenty of exhibitors and vendors. I’m not expecting to meet up with any blogging friends there, but I do get to go with Tall Paul, who hasn’t joined me at the LATFoB for the last couple of years. (However, if you are going to be there, tweet me–@florinda_3rs–and let me know; let’s try to say hello!)
And on the way there and back, I’ll be continuing to read How to Be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway for the BlogHer Book Club, which we’ll be starting to discuss this week.
The weather forecast looks great for a beautiful day of books in the park! Hopefully, I’ll get to tell you all about it soon. Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

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