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Reading, ‘Riting, Changing [Currently]

I’m Moving On Up! (To the Office Next Door)

Some of you may have already seen this on social media, but I had some big news last week:

After nearly 14 years as Controller with Aviva Family and Children’s Services, I’m excited to share the news that I am moving up into the role of Chief Financial Officer as of February 20!

I’ll officially start as Interim CFO, transitioning into my new responsibilities as I start handing off my current ones. I am grateful for this opportunity and hopeful that I’ll rise to it.

Wish me luck, y’all!

The CFO I’ve worked with for over eleven years resigned a few weeks ago to move to a similar position with another agency, and I saw a “now or never” opportunity. I’m part of the executive team now. I’ll be doing less number-crunching, but I’m trading that for a lot more meetings! And I’ll have to put tasks I’ve done comfortably and competently into the hands of other people. I’m excited and apprehensive about making this change.

At least in the short term, the change in the job is also going to mean changes for the blog, too.

The Blog, It Is A-Changin’….

I’m just over a month away from marking the tenth birthday of The 3 R’s Blog, and I do NOT intend for that to be its last! However, I think it’s going to be a quieter place, at least for the next several months.

The biggest change right now is that the Readings for the Resistance roundup I’ll be posting later this week will probably be the last one for awhile. I’m really enjoying putting it together, but it requires a lot of online reading to prepare it and a couple of hours to compile it. I’ve been used to having quiet time at my desk to read between tasks, but I think that’s going to change in a hurry. I could spend time catching up on evenings and weekends, of course, but I also want time for other reading…not to mention things that aren’t reading. Being able to browse and skim online reading without an agenda will take some pressure off.

Other content will appear when I have time to create it. That’s a pretty non-committal commitment, but it’s all I want to make until I have a better idea what my new normal looks like.

Reading, ‘Riting, and…Well, You Know

Even with the new full-time job, I still want to keep my “one-review-a-month” Shelf Awareness job. I have a March review due to them this week. Meanwhile, I’m two reviews behind here on the blog, but I’m trying not to fall further back. I didn’t get very far with any offline reading last week and I’m between audiobooks, so I have some room to catch up. This is my reading journal, and I have no intention of changing that!

Currently Reading:

  • What We Do Now: Standing Up for Your Values in Trump’s America: essays (ebook)
  • History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund: fiction (galley, pub date January 2017
  • A Really Good Day by Ayelet Waldman: memoir (galley, pub date February 2917)

Read and Not Yet Reviewed:

  • The Mothers by Brit Bennett (audio)
  • Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (audio)

And just because I think it’s been a while, here’s a gratuitous Winchester photo!

winchester hides his face
This dog is NOT a morning person.

Today’s Agenda: We may bite the bullet and tackle our income taxes. And/or see The LEGO Batman MovieWhat are you up to this weekend?


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