TBIF: Thank blog it’s Friday! This week in memes and books, 2/27/08

Mailbox Monday, hosted at The Printed Page I have it on good authority – that would be Marcia, founder of “Mailbox Monday” – that this meme is meant for mentioning any new arrivals on your bookshelves, whether they came through the mail or not. I have two newbies from a trip to Borders last weekend. We were actually not there for the usual reason; we were looking for some reading glasses for Tall Paul, who […]

And what did YOU do today, dear?

I karate-chopped a surfer under your bed because the voices told me to. (How both of us fit under your bed remains a mystery…) And what did YOU do today? Find your answer by selecting the appropriate phrases below, and either leave it in comments or post about it – we want to know! Pick the month you were born: January——-I kicked February——I loved March——–I karate chopped April———-I licked May———-I jumped on June———-I smelled July———–I […]

Book/movie, chicken/egg…the “which comes first?” quandary

Bookworms Carnival #23, “Books to Movies,” is currently posted at The Bluestocking Society. In addition to links to posts about books into movies, movies into books, books about movies, etc., Jessica poses a question: Do you prefer to read the book first or see the movie first? My short answer: I’m not a stickler either way. There are some cases where I planned to see the movie version but wasn’t all that interested in the […]

Weekend Assignment #256: Taxing

One of the reasons I read Karen‘s blog faithfully is that she’s another member of the ABA (Association of Blogging Accountants – which I just made up, but I think we need one!) – and in the current Weekend Assignment, she asks us to think about one facet of accounting that affects nearly everyone at this time of year: Weekend Assignment #256: Tax time for individuals in this country starts in late January when the […]

Saturday Review 2-21-09

Saturday Review 2-21-09

I feel like the linkage is a little sparse this week, folks. Between work and that little distraction we had on Monday, I’ve just about been keeping up – so it won’t take you quite as long to catch up on the randomness here :-). And just in case you were wondering – my pinky finger is almost recovered, and most of our aches and sore spots are about gone, but a few bruises linger. […]

TBIF: Thank blog it’s Friday! This week in memes and books

Tuesday Thingers: questions for LibraryThing users, hosted at Wendi’s Book Corner This week, our question is inspired by all the group threads that are dedicated to finding the next great book to review. In order review books on your blog – you’ve got to GET books! Today’s question: How do you get your books for reviewing? Do you track them somehow (excel, database, etc), or just put them in a TBR (To Be Read for […]

Thursday Book Talk: “Honeymoon in Tehran,” by Azadeh Moaveni

Thursday Book Talk: “Honeymoon in Tehran,” by Azadeh Moaveni

This review is based on an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) received through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers Program. Honeymoon in Tehran: Two Years of Love and Danger in Iran Azadeh Moaveni Random House, 2009 (hardcover) (ISBN 140006645X / 9781400066452) Memoir, 352 pages First sentence: In the late spring of 2005, I returned to Iran to report on the country’s presidential election. Book Description (summarized): In 2005, Azadeh Moaveni, longtime Middle East correspondent for Time magazine, returns to […]

Accidents will happen…

…especially on rainy roads in normally dry Southern California. Sometimes they involve a lot of cars. If you’re truly unfortunate, one of those cars is yours. Guess who was truly unfortunate on Monday afternoon? My family spent the President’s Day weekend at my mother-in-law’s, and started the drive home after lunch on Monday. The weather was iffy, so we wanted to allow extra time for traffic tie-ups. Even so, we weren’t doing too badly time-wise […]

Ten on Tuesday: I am Music, or these are the songs of my life

This week’s Ten on Tuesday prompt, “10 Songs That Describe You (and/)or Your Life,” was especially fun for someone like me, who has always wanted a personal soundtrack. Coming up with songs was pretty easy, to be honest; cutting that list down to just ten was the challenge. Should I include some of my all-time favorites and try to make them fit the theme, just because I wouldn’t want to leave them out, or seek […]

Weekend Assignment: Darwin and Lincoln and 200 years gone by

On February 13th, Karen came up with a Weekend Assignment based on February 12th: Weekend Assignment #255: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day, two hundred years ago this week. Both went on to propound ideas that had a lasting effect on the world around us. Have either of them had a particular impact on you personally? Extra Credit: Where do you rank Lincoln on your personal list of greatest U.S. […]

Saturday Review: Valentine’s Day edition

Saturday Review: Valentine’s Day edition

Just to give y’all a heads-up: there may be a drop-off in the posting pace around here during the next few weeks. The Busy Season (audit time) is coming around at work, and considering that, my family, and other responsibilities, I may have to cut back my appearances here at The 3 R’s from six days a week to three or four. This does NOT make me happy, but I do value my mental health […]

TBIF: Thank blog it’s Friday (the 13th)! This week in memes

Mailbox Monday, hosted at The Printed Page I’m not sure whether I should really include these books in “Mailbox Monday,” since I don’t normally announce books that I buy in posts. Also, technically, these were left at my door by UPS and weren’t in the mailbox. But they did come from Amazon.com, and were mostly paid for by gift certificate, so in a way someone else bought them (or at least two of them, anyway). […]