Book Review Policy

I began this blog as a means of recording and remembering the books I read. My goal is to publish book reviews here once a week, on average. I buy some of these books and check others out from the library. This post explains my policies on accepting books for review consideration from other sources.

Thanks to this blog, I am a freelance (contract) reviewer for Shelf Awareness for Readers, and they are the primary source of books I accept for review consideration. These reviews are compensated. Reviews published in SA will, in most cases, also be re-posted here with permission and attribution.

Publicists are welcome to contact me using the Review Request Form below if they would like their books considered for first-run reviews on the blog. On occasion, I may initiate requests for review copies based on my personal interests.

Please note that all books are accepted FOR REVIEW CONSIDERATION. A review is not guaranteed or promised. The content of any review will reflect my honest thoughts and opinions, which may or may not be favorable.

Book Review Policy: For Your Consideration

Some things you should know about my reading and book-review practices:

  • I write about almost every book I read, including books that I purchase for myself.
  • If I don’t respond to your review offer, please consider it declined. Due to the volume of emails, I cannot respond to all pitches.
  • I seldom read or review self- or “indie-“published books. This may be a prejudice, but it is a personal preference, However, I may discuss such books on the blog if I have an existing personal relationship with the author. For clarification on my position, please refer to this post.
  • I do not regularly participate in book blog tours.
  • I do not commit to a specific date for posting reviews unless it is is discussed in advance, and I will not post reviews of ARCs prior to publication date. If timing of the review is a concern, we should discuss this via e-mail.
  • Unsolicited books or ARCs (sent from any source, with no advance notice) may not be read or reviewed, but may be passed on to other readers or donated to charity.
  • I disclose the source of the book within my review; this is a way of acknowledging and thanking the provider, and in alignment with FTC guidance.
  • I include “buy the book” links in my reviews through my IndieBound Affiliate account. The affiliate relationship is also disclosed within the review.
  • I cross-post/link reviews on LibraryThing. As a rule, I do not post reviews on GoodReads,, or other consumer sites unless specifically requested.

Some things you should know about my reading habits:

  • My reading choices are primarily driven by story and subject matter.
  • I am primarily a reader of contemporary, reasonably intelligent, general-audience fiction.
  • Memoirs and narrative nonfiction are my preferred nonfiction categories, but again, the story has to interest me. I am also interested in (recent) history, biography, and popular-culture topics.
  • I do not normally read or review short stories, horror,  romance, fantasy (pretty much anything categorized as “paranormal”), self-help, books marketed as “inspirational,” or children’s books. I will occasionally read and review non-genre, realistic fiction targeted for the YA market.

Some things you should know about my blog:

  • I have been posting here regularly since March 2007, originally under a Blogspot URL. I acquired the custom domain in July 2008.
  • This blog has an engaged audience, with over 2600 feed subscribers at present (via Feedblitz, 7/6/2015) and average monthly pageviews of +/-1200.
  • This blog has a Facebook page, and all posts are shared there and on Twitter.

Thank you for your interest, and if you have questions or want to mention a book to me, please contact me at florinda AT 3RsBlog DOT com or submit the Review Request Form below.