A Link Roundup: Little Things I’ve Learned

I’m working on writing up my thoughts about three or four books right now, but none of them are ready to post, so it seems like a good time to share a few links I’ve liked–and learned from–recently.

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For years, I struggled with the fear that admitting I didn’t know things would make people think I wasn’t all that smart. It’s been a long, tough struggle to understand that “knowledge” is a different thing from “intelligence,” and that sometimes what’s smart is questioning, not answering.

I’m not as strong in other areas and I need to be aware of my weaknesses. Sometimes I need help with those areas and asking for help is not a weakness, but not being aware of my weaknesses or doing anything to strengthen them is one.”

–from “Why I Ask Lots of Questions And Think You Should, Too” by Karen Ballum at BlogHer

But sometimes we just have to learn from experience:

“There is no substitute for feeling ‘known.’ I get him and want to learn more. He gets me and likes what he gets…Likes and dislikes can be learned. When someone gets you they tap into your soul in a way that can’t be taught. When we can do that and both of us feel like we’ve gotten the better end of the deal, we’ve got something that will stick.”

–from “Six Things I’ve Learned From Being Married Three Times” by Lisa Page Rosenberg at Smacksy

And sometimes we’re just not going to get the questions answered:

“I have these moments when I just want people to tell me what to do…I’ve asked people I respect for advice on this and they have punted back to me. It’s up to you. There’s no right thing. This is right, but it’s hard too. Sometimes, I wish to abdicate the responsibility of making decisions about little things and big, but this is just part of adulthood and an important part.”

–from “10 Important Things I’ve Learned” by Aidan Donnelly Rowley

This last thing isn’t a life lesson, but as I’m getting ready to exercise some shelf control in a few weeks, I was excited to learn about LibraryThing’s new “Take Inventory” feature
screencap LibraryThing inventory
I think this could be very helpful in my Great Big Book Purge project. If you’re a LibraryThinger, do you think you’ll find this feature useful?

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