A Quick Note to Say I'm Not Here

If you follow me on Instagram, and/or Twitter, and/or Facebook, you’ll most likely see what I’m doing instead of blogging this Sunday. Paul and I will be costumed up and making the rounds at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, and I expect we’ll both be taking and posting photos along the way.

I’ve gotten some decent reading done this week, but not much writing. I finished reading Being Mortal on audio and am reading three other books right now. I’m also juggling audit prep and monthly reporting at work right now, but I’ll be prioritizing book reviews when I do get time to write during the next week or so. In short, this is a good week for me not to be here, since I don’t have a lot to report to you today.

Meanwhile, Winchester will keep watch on the books while I’m out. Hope you’re having a good weekend!


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