Sunday Salon: A Christmastime Check-In

The Sunday Salon on The 3 Rs BlogAnd so Christmas has come and gone, along with the visiting relatives and most of the cookies. We watched movies and ate and sat around and talked. As the kids aren’t so much “children” any more–the youngest one in the extended family turned eleven-and-a-half on the 26th–Christmas itself feels like less of an event, and what I most appreciate is some time off to spend with my loved ones.

I don’t go back to work till Tuesday, and a couple of weeks ago I learned that I had earned the maximum amount of vacation time my agency allows, so I actually needed this week off in more ways than one! And I’d be glad to take a little more, but I have year-end work awaiting me when I get back, so this isn’t really a great time to do that.

However, this means I should be in good shape to take some extra time off around BEA! I’m pretty sure I’m going back in 2015; I get a comped badge as a member of the Advisory Board for the BEA Bloggers Conference, and I received some funding for travel costs as one of my Christmas gifts.

I didn’t ask for any books for Christmas, but I did get a few. My son gave me MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood–now that I have the whole trilogy, I hope to read it all in 2015–and my stepdaughter gave her dad and me a couple of Supernatural tie-in books.

I didn’t read as much as I thought I might during Christmas week, but I did finish two books! My plans for the next couple of days include writing up my thoughts on those (but possibly not posting them until January), continuing my YA-fiction binge and making some other discretionary-reading decisions for the weeks and months ahead, and plowing through my feed reader while so many bloggers are taking time off!

The Weekly Winchester

Winchester the Sleepy Dog
Someone is still recovering from all the Christmas-week excitement.

If I don’t see you here again later this week, Happy New Year and here’s to 2015!

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