New Reading–First Book of 2014!

first book 2014 BookJourney

Happy New Year, and here’s hoping for the best in 2014!

When I signed up for Sheila’s “First Book of the Year” Challenge, I realized that it meant that the book I chose to start reading on January 1, 2014 would take on special significance. I really liked that idea, but I also knew I’d struggle with choosing something…well, worthy. I think this one qualifies, and since it’s spent much longer in TBR Purgatory than I ever intended, I also get to start a new year by atoning for an act of bookish neglect. I won’t be going back to work until January 6, so I’ve planned for some quality time with my first book of 2014, Marcus Zusak’s The Book Thief.

I’ve owned this book since 2008, but since I’m reading it for the first time, I get to count it as “new”–which means I can also count this post for the Wordless Wednesday Linky Group’s “New” theme this week, as long as I include a photo, so here’s the one I took for Sheila’s “First Book” reader collage.

bookselfie The Book Thief

Are you starting the New Year with a new book? What are you reading?


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