A New Year of Reading: Planning 2014

I used to steer clear of things like resolutions and reading goals–maybe it’s a function of midlife, and an increased awareness of less time to be managed, that draws me toward them now. In any case, I liked Bellezza’s presentation of her 2014 Reading Goals in a Meme, so I thought I’d borrow the format for some planning of my own.
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  1. If I could commit to a “reading rotation,” it would be based on book format rather than source, and it would probably be more likely to be a “concurrence” than a true rotation since I no longer seem to be a monogamous reader. At any given time, I would be reading a combination of at least 2 of the following: print book (probably an ARC or review copy), audiobook, and/or ebook.
  2. I no longer want to be concerned (quite so much) about having something to say about every book I read. Some books just don’t lend themselves to profundity, but they’re still perfectly enjoyable reading.
  3. My goal for this blog is to write posts about what I’m reading, doing, and thinking (note: this is nothing new–I’m just stating it for the record).
  4. I want my reading for 2014 to include more books from the long-term TBR–especially now that the bookshelves are organized, and I can actually see all of it!
  5. It’s important to me that I give myself permission to set books aside–and to accept that I may not end up picking them up again.
  6. An author I’d like to read more of would be Margaret Atwood. Related to #4 above, Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood have been languishing in TBR Purgatory; when MaddAddam comes out in paperback (August 2014, according to the publisher’s website), it might be time to dive into the whole trilogy at one fell swoop.
  7. A genre I’d like to become more familiar with is speculative fiction (see also #6–this may be a trending topic).
  8. I’d like to leave more comments on the blogs I read because I was NOT good at it this year, and it’s caused me to feel less connected than I want to be.
  9. When it comes to accepting Advance Reader Copies I will accept very few offers, but I will be more proactive about making specific requests from Shelf Awareness rather than just waiting to see what they send me for review consideration.
  10. When it comes to reading challenges I am not signing up for any year-long ones other than my overall reading goal, although this year I’m tracking it through BookLikes instead of GoodReads. Audiobooks have become a part of my reading routine now, so I don’t feel like I need that challenge any more. I may join short-term challenges or readalongs as they come up during the year, but otherwise I’ll just take it as it comes.
Are you planning your reading for the New Year..or are you planning not to plan it very much, and take it as it comes?

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