Sunday Salon: “One More Hour” Edition

I hope y’all remembered to set your clocks back one hour last night! We are now back on Standard Time here in the USA–although since we actually only observe it for about ⅓ of the year now, it seems like the “standard” really should be Daylight Savings Time. But that would confuse things even more than they already are. Anyway, we have an “extra” hour today. Assuming you didn’t already spend it catching some extra zzz’s, what do you plan to do with yours? I’ll be out all morning–taking my sister out for a slightly belated birthday breakfast, then catching up on all the errands I didn’t do yesterday–but I’m hoping to finish reading a book this afternoon! I’m getting dangerously close to a review deadline for this one.

Speaking of review deadlines, I decided something this week: I would prefer to avoid them unless I am being paid to meet them (thank you, Shelf Awareness!). In light of that, I made a few changes to my book review policy this week. I’ll also be dropping out of the She Reads Book Club early next year–partly to make some more space on my reading plate, but also because I seem to be gravitating away from some types of fiction lately. I just haven’t been able to get all that excited about some of the selections, and so it doesn’t seem fair to stay with it.

However, since I do seem to be getting more excited about nonfiction, I’m also pretty excited about Kim and Leslie’s Nonfiction November project. I’m not sure how closely I’ll follow the weekly themes, but at the very least, this is a great excuse to make all of my recreational reading this month nonfiction, and I think that’s just what I’ll do.

This is also not fiction: this is the week I will hit 2000 posts on this blog. I’ll formally recognize that in post #2001, which I’m working on now–that should go up on Thursday. And then I may take a little time away from posting so I can do some more reading. Or I may not. I’ll most likely let you know either way on Thursday, though.

historic videogame systemsvintage gamer at Comikaze 2013Yesterday I did no reading at all, because we spent the day in downtown LA at Comikaze Expo. It was Spencer’s first con! He especially enjoyed the vintage video games, while they gave me flashbacks to his stepbrother Chris’ childhood.

Hope you’re spending your extra hour–and the rest of your Sunday–doing something you enjoy!

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