Sunday Salon: "Moving Week" Edition

Time: Sunday morning, in the seven o’clock hour

Place: My side of the bed, with the iPad

Eating and drinking: Nothing yet, but thinking about breakfast…and about drinking lots of water today. It’ll be another hot, dry one in Simi Valley.

Reading: Most of the books are boxed and in the garage at the new house, where they’ll most likely remain until the bookcases are delivered a few weeks from now, but I did leave out a few. I’m about halfway through a galley I’ll be reviewing for Shelf Awareness in October, a memoir about an interfaith marriage (she’s Baptist, he’s…Hindu?), with two more potential reviews for them and book-club reads for the next two months on deck. Since there’a not a lot of time for reading right now anyway, I think this should do well until the Great Unpacking, but I’ve got plenty of ebooks ready to go if I actually do get through all the print ones before that happens, so I’m pretty sure I’m set.

Watching: It’s mostly TV shows that have some connection to the BBC right now–Broadchurch and Copper on BBC America, and the first series of “new” Doctor Who on Netflix. And Tall Paul’s go-to “when nothing else in on” show remains Top Gear, which seems to be getting more generally entertaining and less directly about cars.

Listening: I weeded out my podcasts subscriptions last week; I kept about a half-dozen, and they’re pretty much strictly pop-culture and TV discussions now, since those are the ones I most consistently listen to anyway. I also switched to a two-credits-per-month Audible plan this month, although now that school has started my audiobook-consumption pace may slow down a bit (I don’t always listen with Spencer in the car, unless it’s a book I’m sure would be OK for him–or he has his iPod on and headphones in, so he’s listening to his own thing anyway). I’m about ¾ through Kicking and Dreaming, the joint autobiography of Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart, on audio right now, and hoping to finish it before Wednesday–I’m taking two days off at the end of this week for the move, so I won’t have my customary audio-commute time.

Blogging: I’ve only missed a couple of days of blogging since taking on the Just One Paragraph project, and although I’m enjoying the writing challenge, I’m really not sure daily blogging is something I want to do any more. The 3-4 posts per week habit I was in before this month feels like the right groove, and I think I’ll be going back to it once this experiment is over.

Enjoying/Anticipating/Planning: Having all of our belongings back under one roof by the end of this month, and making that new space into the home we want it to be between now and the end of the year.

Promoting: I’ve got two “in case you missed it” posts of my own to mention this week. Whether you have ambitions to write memoir or just like reading it, Beth Kephart’s Handling the Truth will make you better at both–it’s an essential addition to your library . And the move next door isn’t the only one happening in my family this month.

Gratuitous Photo of the Week

school library

How’s your weekend going?

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