Sunday Salon: Here and Now, July 20

Time: Sunday morning, early daylight hours

Place: My side of the bed

Eating and drinking: Nothing just yet. Breakfast soon, though…and later, lots of goodies at my nephew’s 10th birthday party! (My sister and brother-in-law put together a buffet fit for the grown-ups, but the from-scratch, custom-decorated cake is sure to be enjoyed by one and all!)

Reading: I’m the last stop on the TLC Book Tour for Ami McKay’s The Virgin Cure this Friday and am close to 2/3 done as of right now–I’m planning to get back to it when I’m done writing this post. On the iPad, I’ve finally returned to The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker, and I hope to finish that one this week as well. And I’ve been reading lots of updates from San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, but today’s the last day for that!

Listening: It’s been a catch-up-on-podcasts week, with the good news that one of my favorites will soon be returning:

Via @PreviouslyTV “The Extra Hot Great Podcast Is Returning!”

I’d like to start a new audiobook this week, but haven’t decided on what it will be just yet. Suggestions? Anything good that you’ve read by ear recently?

Blogging: I’m thinking I might try this, starting tomorrow:

“I know I haven’t been showing up here regularly either to record the moments, my process, the glimpses into my life as it happens, and it’s something that I want very much to do this summer. Yet like everyone, I have excuses. Many of them very apropos: I’m writing elsewhere online; I’m working on a fiction piece; I’m drafting the outline of a book; the heatwave makes it hard to concentrate for very long; the kids are under foot; my work days are filled to saturation. None really hold water.

So I’m putting myself up to the challenge (and you too!) to blog a paragraph every day for 30 days. For me, it will be the last 30 days in this house. Next month on the 20th we move. Then school will start soon after, and new routines will emerge. But until then, 30 days. 30 posts. 1 paragraph.”

It sounds kind of like NaBloPoMo, but free-form–and may be just what I need to find my way back into the blogging groove. And I have a similar reason for wanting to do it at this particular time…

Pondering/Planning: A closing date. We are almost at the end of an escrow roller coaster ride, and if it all ends well, we’ll also be moving next month…next door. (Yes, really.) I’m afraid to say too much more about it before things are all signed, sealed, and delivered, though…so, for now, I won’t. But…

Promoting: The Big Book Purge Giveaway! (The possibility of moving was the original impetus for this, but it’s happening regardless.) This is an off-line event and I’ll provide more details soon, but the gist of it is this: If you can be at my house two weeks from today–Sunday, August 4-between 11 AM and 3 PM, you can leave with all the books you can carry.

Avoiding/Anticipating: Packing and purging. Lots of both.

Gratuitous Photo of the Week, via the Sunday comics:

How’s your weekend going?


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