Right Here, Right Now: Sunday Status

Time: Saturday evening, for posting Sunday morning

Place: Home, which has been emptied of much surplus stuff this weekend: dozens of DVDs and CDs which have been rendered superfluous by digital media, plus about seven bags of clothing. I’m working up my strength to tackle the bookshelves…

Eating: Nothing at the moment, as we just came home from one of our favorite Italian restaurants a little while ago.

Drinking: Lots of water. Dinner made me thirsty!

Reading: Not enough to mention. It’s not been a good week for hitting the books, but with an extra day of weekend, I’m hoping to make some time for that tomorrow. (Unless I’m cleaning out bookshelves.) At the very least, I want to do some reading up on things to see and do around Boston, Lincoln, New Hampshire, and Portland, Maine–we’ll be visiting New England in less than three weeks!

Watching: On and off over the course of the weekend, the 15 new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix. Who’s with me?

Listening: The TV is on while I’m writing, and Chris Hardwick is talking to Guillermo del Toro and Katee Sackhoff on this week’s installment of The Nerdist on BBC America.

Blogging: I actually managed to post two book reviews this past week! (Apparently, it was the week of Christinas around here.) However, most of the blogging agenda for the week ahead will be brought to you by Armchair BEA.

Pondering: I officially reached the “Now I’m sorry I’m not going to BEA this year” threshold a few days ago, mostly because of the people I won’t be seeing this week. #NYC2014?

Enjoying: A small sense of accomplishment, thanks to being nearly done with the annual audit AND clearing all that stuff out of the house!

Avoiding: I mentioned that my bookshelves were next on the “cleaning out” project list, didn’t I?

Anticipating: Getting ALL done with the annual audit–and hoping it means more time for reading and blogging!

Gratuitous Photo of The Week, via an email from my uncle with the subject line “Abbott and Costello predicted it!”

How’s your weekend going?


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