Sunday Salon: Welcome to My 5th Blogiversary Party–and there are gifts!

My first post on The 3 R’s Blog was on March 16, 2007. The second post went up on March 18–five years ago today. (And then I didn’t post a third time until April.)

A few days ago, I reflected on some of the developments I’ve seen on the way to this milestone. On my blogiversary itself, I shared a snapshot of my very first post. But celebrations are best suited for weekends…welcome to my fifth Blogiversary party! 

Party Favors!

A few weeks ago, I shared a special discount code that GoneReading International is offering to 3 R’s Blog readers:

The coupon expires on March 31st, and is good for 25% off any purchases at except bookends. GoneReading’s speciality is cool reading-themed gifts, and all of their after-tax profits go to support libraries and reading-related charities.

In addition, GoneReading will send a “Go Reading” gift collection–with items selected by me–to one lucky reader! You’ll receive:
(This giveaway is for US residents only.)
I am also giving away a $25 iTunes gift card (or e-mail gift certificate) which may be used on anything you like–music, e-books, audiobooks, apps)–from the iTunes store. (This giveaway is open internationally.)

You may enter either or both giveaways, but you may only win one of them! I will select a winner using during the week of April 1–if the same winner comes up twice, I’ll randomize again to pull a different name. To enter, please use the form at the end of this post–you’ll see there how to get a bonus entry! (If you’re viewing in a feed reader, you may have to click through.)

And there’s one Blogiversary gift you can give to me, if you’re so inclined. The 3 R’s Blog has a Facebook page–would you please “like” it if you haven’t already? All of the blog posts are linked there, along with other links and miscellany that are exclusive to the page.

Party Games!

Since this blog no longer has the same URL it started with–I bought the much more manageable in July 2008–it’s a little tricky to come up with its lifetime stats for things like visits and pageviews, so I’m not going to waste our time number-crunching. I thought it might be fun to see what content is associated with the biggest numbers over the last five years, though, so here we go:

Top 5 Most-Viewed Posts
Factors for a successful marriage – the Pew Survey (July 2007–over 1200 views, mostly from search traffic)

From The I-Don’t-Get-It Files: Eight is more than enough (February 2009–a post about the “Octomom” that got picked up as a “related content” link by for about a day)
My Festival of Books Report, (April) 2010 edition (mostly thanks to one of the authors mentioned in it, Pamela Ribon, who tweeted the link)
Ten on Tuesday: I am Music, or These Are the Songs of My Life (February 2009)

These are certainly more representative of the “randomness” and the “‘riting” than the “reading” that goes on around here, aren’t they? They also serve as reminders that words live forever on the Internet…
Popular searches
Most search traffic lands here by searching on some variation of the blog’s title–some actually is looking for “3 r’s blog,” while the others are just looking for “three r’s.” (Sadly, they will not learn ‘rithmetic here.)
Top 5 searches leading to specific posts:

factors for a successful marriage
book review policy (actually leads to a page and not a post..but hey, people do look at it!)
shelf awareness consumer edition (happy to see this association)
firefly lane plot (this is my most-viewed book review)
office gift exchange (gets most hits during December)

Party Treats and Sneak Peeks!

The Indie Lit Awards winners are scheduled to be announced tomorrow, and I’ll be posting my reviews of all the Biography/Memoir short list titles through this week and into next, leading up to the runner-up and the winner–I’m very excited to be able to share those at last! The BlogHer Book Club for John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars kicks off this week too–look for my review on Thursday, but I’ll tell you right now that I will not be disagreeing with the majority opinion on this one.

The Sunday

Have a great week, and thanks for coming to my Blogiversary party!


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