NaBloPoMo: “Whether” or not I have anything to say…

NaBloPoMo March 2012

…I’ve signed up to participate in NaBloPoMo for March. My blogging has been so erratic lately that I hope the daily-posting discipline will help get me get my groove back.

The official blogging theme for the month is…


It’s actually “whether”… and it’s “weather”… since both words fit with the season. March is a transitional month, bringing either warmer weather for the northern hemisphere or colder air for those down south. Being transitional means that there are a lot of whethers to your day: whether to wear a coat or not, whether to spend your time outside or in front of the computer, or whether to sign up for these summer/winter plans or that.

Some people love the open possibilities inherent in the word “whether” and others find the lack of concreteness terrifying. Whichever way you swing, this is a great month to explore why you feel the way you do; if you embrace or run screaming from the “whethers” of life.

The official blogging theme and related daily writing prompts are also optional, and whether or not I follow them will depend on whether or not I have something else planned. And I do have a few plans for March on the blog, such as

  • A week of reviews of the Indie Lit Awards Biography/Memoir short list (after voting for the winner has ended)
  • A 5th Blogiversary Party–you’re invited, on March 18th!
  • A Bloggiesta project (TBD)

In addition to the official prompts, I’ve a virtual clipboard full of post ideas that I’d really like to get into–I’ll have no real excuse not to this month, will I? And when words fail me, I’ll post pictures.

I’ll be posting every day this month. I will not even take the day off on my birthday (not from here, anyway–I am taking it, and the day after, off from work!). I’m excited about it. You have been warned.

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