Sunday Salon: BBAW is Here! Who’s ready for some appreciation?

The Sunday

I considered not posting in the Salon today. This is September 11, ten years to the day since the planes crashed in New York City and Washington DC and Pennsylvania and took down the Twin Towers. It seems like it should be a quiet day of reflection.

But September 11, 2001 was also a day that brought people together, no matter where they were. We were joined in mourning and in our resolve to rebuild.

We haven’t always consistently maintained that sense of community and connectedness throughout the last decade, but it’s important to remember how important it is.

And that’s why I decided to post today after all – because community matters. Tomorrow we’ll kick off Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which is first and foremost a celebration of community. I’ve been part of this community for four and a half years, as of this week. I’ve seen many times – and even just within the past few days – what it can do.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit less connected to my community. There are reasons for it – domestic responsibilities, work, reading and writing that I’m doing for publication elsewhere – but I don’t like this sense of distance. I’ve fallen behind in reading your blogs. I’ve posted less regularly, and my commenting had been quite limited aside from responding to your comments on those less-regular posts. I need BBAW to re-connect me. I appreciate book bloggers, and I appreciate being able to count myself among them.

New to TBR Purgatory:
for me

Where She Went by Gayle Forman
This Is Where We Live: A Novel by Janelle Brown
Saturday Night by Susan Orlean

Also this week: The group read of The Handmaid’s Tale wraps up! BBAW programming will be delayed until Tuesday so that my review and discussion can post here tomorrow.

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