Tuesday Tangents: Google + Carmageddon = Comic-Con??

It’s been quite a while since I posted Tuesday Tangents – actually, they’ve been more likely to show up on Wendy’s blog lately than here – but I’ve got a few things I’ve been wanting to talk about that just won’t stand as blog posts on their own, so here we go.


Are you trying out Google+ yet? (If you’d like to and need an invite, leave me your e-mail and I can send you one.) I’ve been playing around with it for a week or two now, and I’m still trying to sort out exactly how I want to use it. Right now, the majority of the people I’ve connected with there are people I’m also connected with on Facebook and Twitter, and there are both good and bad points to that. I think one of the good points is that, in order to avoid dumping on those friends in multiple places, I have to think about what I want to share in which venues.

Google+ seems to have some of the best points of both Twitter and FB – conversations are very easy, and the “circles” feature that allows sharing with limited groups is great – but there a lot of features it doesn’t have yet, and a lot of people it doesn’t have yet either. I’ve met some new people thanks to their being part of the “circles” of people I know already, and it feels more natural to add them to a circle of my own (I usually use the “following” circle for those I’m just getting to know) than to ask them to be “friends” Facebook-style – more like Twitter following, but with “lists” already in place.

I know some people have already tried Google+ and dropped it. As it stands now, it looks like something I’d like to include in my social-media repertoire, but I want to see how it develops and who else shows up to the party. If you’ve tried it, what do you think of it and how are you using it?


Sometimes you need a break from all that interaction, though. Here’s one: Saturday, August 6 is Do Nothing But Read Day 2011. I can’t commit to doing nothing but reading all day that day, so I’m not officially joining in, but I’d like to do nothing but read for at least a couple of hours if I can swing it. If you can fit a day of nothing but reading into that particular weekend, though, you can sign up!

via Sigalert.com
Apparently all the warnings about this past weekend’s full closure of the I-405 Freeway through west Los Angeles made a dent – by all accounts, #Carmageddon didn’t rain down upon us. (We should have known – nothing rains down on Los Angeles at this time of year.) The biggest traffic-related nuisance was the media helicopters hovering over the bridge-demolition site all weekend. The 405 is open again now – and that’s lucky for us, because we’re driving down to San Diego first thing Thursday morning to join the nerd stampede at  Comic-Con!

We’ll be attending three out of the four days (couldn’t get tickets for Saturday, stupid
EpicFAIL online ticket sale, grumble grumble – but we hope to fix that for 2012 via on-site pre-registration) and haven’t worked out everything we want to see and do yet, but we’re definitely excited! If you’re going, tell me now – it’s not likely we’ll stumble across each other in the mass of people there, including the costumed hordes – but we can trade contact info and see if we can arrange to meet up for something (hopefully, by the time this posts, plans will already be in place to see Amy and Natasha there)!

So these are some of tangents my thoughts are wandering along these days – what about yours?

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