Sunday Salon: Time Commitments

The Sunday

I am seriously considering committing a block of time every weekend – ideally, a couple of hours or so – to reading. And I think I need to commit to starting today.

As it stands now, there is a chunk of time many weekends that is dedicated to whatever book I’m reading at the time – my Saturday-morning “Starbucks hour.” But there are weekends when it doesn’t happen for one reason or another – I spend that hour with my sister instead of with my book, or I have other things planned for a Saturday morning and don’t get that outing at all – and when it doesn’t, I feel the loss.

One reason I enjoy participating in the semiannual 24-Hour Readathons is that they exist to provide built-in, committed reading time. And when I finish one – however many hours of reading I actually accomplish during it – I usually find myself thinking that I should have “mini-readathons” for myself on a regular basis. And then it stays in the back of my mind as one of the many “shoulds” I never act on.

This weekend, I started reading Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer Hamann for a TLC Book Tour. My scheduled review date is a week from Wednesday, and I’m barely 10% done with this 600-plus-page novel (in hardcover; this tour is to support the paperback release, which has a slightly lower page count). In order to meet my review commitment, I think it’ll be essential to make a reading commitment. I have some plans for today already – we’re going to the movies to see Super 8 this afternoon, we have last night’s Doctor Who on the DVR to watch later, and I seriously have to do some cleaning around here – but I must, and I will, plan reading time as well. And I must, and I will, spend that reading time with my book, and not your blogs…I’m sorry it has to be that way, but I think you can understand why.

This is actually my last tour commitment for a while, since I’m stepping away from those in order to meet my new commitment to two reviews a month for Shelf Awareness‘ new, biweekly “Enlightenment for Readers” edition (launching this week!). In addition, the commitment implied by accepting books from publishers for reading and review consideration with no date attached remains ever-present.

There are times when I need to think about re-balancing my reading and blogging commitments, and right now, I think it’s appropriate to tip the scales further toward the reading side – and by talking about it here, I’m putting that commitment on record.

Do you ever feel the need to make a conscious commitment to your reading? How do you manage that time?

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