Indie Lit Awards Update: Readers and Recommendations Wanted!


The Indie Lit Awards, as you’ve probably heard, are making some exciting changes in their second year – new genres to consider and new panelists to consider them. However, not all the changes are being made on the inside; some are intended to broaden participation in the Awards and enlarge the field of contenders.

One exciting change is that any reader will be able to nominate books for the 2011 awards – it will not be necessary to be a book blogger, as it was in 2010! That will make it very easy to join in, as ILA founder Wallace states:

Readers everywhere, get excited! Keep track of your very favorite books that have been published in 2011, and come September through December, help us out by nominating in the genres that you read! It’s easy, and your name and vote are not revealed (we will have private nominating forms this year).

While nominators no longer have to be reviewers, if you are a book blogger/reviewer and would like the chance to read some of the books that will be eligible for 2011 award consideration, you may sign up for the chance to receive review copies in your genre of choice from authors and publishers. We can’t guarantee they’ll come through, but our goal is to get quality new releases into the hands of those who’ll spread the word about them – we want these books to be on people’s minds when nominations open this September!

Since I’m an ILA panelist, I will not be able to nominate in any genre this year, but I am trying to keep up with potential nominees in my Biography/Memoir category and note it in my reviews if they’re eligible. So far this year, I’ve got two:

If you’ve read any qualifying – published for the first time anywhere in 2011 – biographies and/or memoirs you’d like to recommend, please mention them in the comments! Several other panelists are compiling lists of potential nominees in their genres as well. For more details, please be sure to visit the ILA site!

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