Start Me Up: Spring Readathon Update #1

It’s 5 AM Pacific time – opening bell for the Spring 2011 24-Hour Readathon!
I have never lasted through the entire 24 hours, and I don’t expect things to be any different this time, but it’s always fun to see just how long I make it! I will be spending most of the day – and into the night – here:

But that chair’s in the same room as the TV, so there will probably be times I’m here instead:

I don’t plan to be at my computer very much, other than to post progress updates, do mini-challenges (if I remember!), and visit other participants to cheer them on. My official Cheerleader shift is during Hours 6-12, but I will also make every effort to return visits to every Readathoner who leaves a comment here today, although I probably won’t be replying to comments here.

What I’m reading today will come from this stack here:

I originally intended not to read any “review books,” today, but the four books on top are indicators that I changed my mind; however, all but one are books without a committed review date (and the committed one isn’t due till May 1st) so there’s really no pressure, and the fact is that I’ll review whatever I read today anyway – it’s what I do. I have two memoirs here, and will probably start the day with one of those, I’ve also picked out some YA fiction, which tends to be a very good Readathon genre for me, and a book of essays inspired by YA fiction, which I figure I can dip into at intervals for a change of pace.

The tea is brewed, the house is quiet, and I’m off to the reading chair. Good reading times to all, and I’ll check in with you later!

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