Tuesday Tangents, BLOGIVERSARY Edition: Help Me Celebrate!

Tomorrow, March 16, will be the fourth birthday of The 3 R’s Blog! Whether you’ve been reading here for a good chunk of that time – I’m not saying “from the beginning” because NO ONE was reading it then – or you’re relatively new to these parts, I’m glad you’re here and I hope you find it a welcoming and interesting place.

As my fifth year of blogging begins, I’d like to enlist y’all in a few group projects to mark the occasion – I’m celebrating with a giveaway, but there’s a twist.

Following severe storms and flooding in Middle Tennessee during the spring of 2010, a group of writers and bookish associates organized an online auction, Do the Write Thing for Nashville, to help raise funds for relief and recovery assistance. This year, they’ve ramped up and re-focused their efforts. March is Red Cross Month, and Writers for the Red Cross is conducting online auctions and accepting donations on behalf of the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund (with a portion set aside for the Nashville Area Red Cross, as host chapter for the event). The project started on March 1, but after last week’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it acquired a special urgency – funds raised will also help with international disaster relief efforts.

You can follow the fundraiser on Twitter (#write4red) and Facebook, and make an donation or auction bid on the Writers for the Red Cross website. Authors, bloggers, and bookstores have donated items for the auctions. I will take a more direct approach: For each comment on today and tomorrow’s Blogiversary posts, I will donate $1 to the Red Cross via WFTRC. You don’t have to do anything but stop in here and say hello!

Earlier this year, I mentioned my intention to re-read a couple of books this year, and floated the idea of making them group reads for anyone who wants to join me. Logistical details to follow, but the sign-ups are open as of today. (If you’re viewing this post in a feed reader and can’t access the forms, please click on through!) The Bird by Bird read-along will begin in early May – and maybe if you’re at BEA and/or the Book Blogger Convention later that month, we can discuss it in person? We’ll read The Handmaid’s Tale in August – a chilling story for the heat of summer. I will also donate $1 for each person who signs up for each group read – if you join both, you’ll generate $2 for the Red Cross.

Thanks for being part of what’s made this an exciting and enriching four years for me! I hope you’ll help me celebrate by reading with me later this year, and by helping me help the Red Cross now!



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