Your 15 Minutes Are Up! (Weekend Assignment #341)

Whose “15 minutes of fame” do you think needs to be over, right about…NOW? That was Karen’s question this week:

Weekend Assignment # 341: Overexposed
Some things (or people) explode into the culture, are really big for a while and then overstay their welcome. Who or what are you really tired of seeing, hearing or reading about these days?

Extra Credit: What discarded bit of pop culture do you remember fondly?

I couldn’t limit myself to just one response to this, and I suspect I’m not the only one who has a list of people they wish would just go away. There are some I hope will go away by November 3rd, but that’s not really what this question is addressing, so I’ll stay away from the politics today.

And having said that, these are some of the people that I wish would stay away from my pop-cultural radar:

Lindsay Lohan: At one time she was considered a promising young actor with the potential for a strong career. Now the local news – granted, my local news is out of Los Angeles – fixates on whether she’ll do jail time for her latest drug-related offense. It’s a sad and all-too-familiar story, but unfortunately it’s not news, and I just don’t want to hear about it any more. And when Lindsay goes, she needs to take her parents – who, by all accounts, are just horrible – right along with her.

Jersey Shore: I shouldn’t know as much as I do about a show I absolutely refuse to watch, and it’s made me feel bad for my husband’s Aunt Rosemary, who’s been “Snookie” to her family for decades.

Twilight: Now that they’re in production on the final movie based on the last book in the series, this may actually have an expiration date in sight. I suspect that its effects on the image of vampires, adolescent girls’ perception of romantic relationships, and trends in young-adult literature are likely to linger for quite a while after Edward and Bella fade to black, though.

And while I’ve been pretty successful at knowing as little about him as possible, I’m putting Justin Bieber on this list just on general principles.

As far as the “extra credit” question is concerned, my house is a monument to far too many fondly-remembered discarded bits of pop culture to choose just one, and that list would be longer than my answer to the main Assignment topic, so I’m opting out.

It’s not too late to respond to this Weekend Assignment, but time is running out! You basically have the rest of the day today to post a response on your own blog or reply in the comments on the lead post, where you can also find the other WA guidelines. And even if you don’t officially participate, I’d still love to know your answer in the comments here!

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