#FridayNonsense: The Meme Thief returns with 4 Things!

The Meme Thief stole this from persons unknown – could be anybody, since this has become pretty popular lately – and thanks them for the inspiration. In return, you are welcome to steal it from me and run with it!

4 Things That Are In My Purse:

  1. A backup pair of contact lenses
  2. Advil
  3. A Starbucks card, always loaded
  4. The book I’m currently reading (unless I’m at home, and then it’s out in the house somewhere)

4 Favorite Things In My Bedroom:
  1. My bed
  2. A clothing trunk that doubles as a seating area
  3. The books on the nightstand
  4. My husband πŸ™‚

4 Things On My Desk:
(this would be my desk at work, since I don’t really have one at home)
  1. 10-key calculator
  2. Computer keyboard and monitor (the CPU is on the floor)
  3. Too many stacks of paper
  4. Pens and mechanical pencils (I think – it’s hard to find them under all the paper sometimes!)

4 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do (but haven’t yet):

  1. Go to Hawaii
  2. Sail a boat
  3. Dance in public with someone who knows how (and makes me look good)
  4. Be two places at once (OK, nobody’s done that yet…)

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much At the Moment:
  1. Slow weekends
  2. Autumn – sweaters and boots, hot chocolate and soup, my wedding anniversary, family birthdays, and Thanksgiving!
  3. Modern Family
  4. Having a iPod hook-up in my car

4 Things You Don’t Know About Me:
(or maybe you do – I can’t remember whether I’ve told these before or not!)
  1. I graduated high school ranked third in my class – tied with seven other people (one of whom was my first husband…well, he wasn’t then; that was a couple of years later).
  2. I spent almost half my childhood in a liquor store. (It’s not what you think. My parents owned the place.)
  3. I almost never drink liquor. (Possibly related to thing #2…)
  4. I’m my family’s official go-to person for questions of “What’s that song called?” and “Who does that song?” (Got one of those questions? Leave it in the comments!)

Full disclosure: I skipped one item on this list – 
4 Songs Stuck in My Head – because nothing is stuck in my head these days. (X-rays of my head revealed…nothing! Thanks folks, I’m here all week!) If you steal, feel free to add that back to your own post. I’ve also added one item:

4 Things I’m (Probably) Doing This Weekend:

  1. The Alzheimer’s Memory Walk in Thousand Oaks
  2. Seeing The Social Network with my sister after the walk is over
  3. Baking a German Chocolate cake for Tall Paul’s birthday (the 26th)
  4. With luck, doing a bit of reading and some writing!

Do you have any fun plans for the next few days?

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