OOPS! and OUCH! Also, I am not left-handed.

I may look like I’m back this week, y’all, but it’s a bit of an illusion. Most of the upcoming posts this week were written either while I was on vacation or before I left, and the vacation recaps will be delayed for a little while. It’s hard to type with one hand, especially when it’s not your good one, and I may be in that position for a few weeks.

You may have already heard about this via Twitter, Facebook, or Google Buzz, but if you didn’t:

florinda_3rs: Guess who dislocated her right shoulder, spent Friday evening in the ER, and is now trying to type left-handed?

It happened two hours after we got home from vacation. I was bringing back two weeks’ worth of mail from the mailbox, tripped and fell in the parking lot, and apparently the weight of the mail in the bag I was carrying wrenched the shoulder loose. The pain is mostly manageable – the sling on my right arm (to immobilize it) is a bit of an challenge, though. 

I have to follow up with my regular doctor this week, but until I get medical clearance, they actually don’t want me back in the office, so it looks like I’ll get a little extension on my time off!

I may not be as consistent about replying to comments and reading/commenting on your blogs because of the one-handed thing, but with luck I’ll recover quickly and well – I’m anxious to share our DC and NYC adventures with you!

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