Sunday Salon 3/7: The Festival is coming! The Festival is coming!

The Sunday

April 24-25, 2010, at UCLA

The books, the authors, and the book bloggers are coming to the largest public book event in America – will you come, too?

Last year, the LA Times Festival of Books was the site for a great first-time meet-up among a group of book bloggers from all around Southern California, and a few from further north who came down for the weekend. In a crowd and in various combinations, we heard authors and publishing folks speak on panels, got books signed, and checked out the exhibitor booths (and maybe bought a few things). We had lunch together, and those who could make it went to dinner together in Westwood (the UCLA neighborhood) after the Festival closed on Saturday.

We had an excellent time, and would like to make attending the LATFoB together an annual event. We’re also hoping to meet even more book-blogging folks this year!

Earlier this week, I sent out an e-mail to people that I knew were either Southern California-based book bloggers or were likely to make the trip to LA for the Festival to float the meet-up plans. If that e-mail’s still in your inbox and you haven’t gotten back to me, would you mind doing that soon? At this point, we’re just trying to get a sense of who’s planning to be there in the first place; next, we’ll talk about who might want to meet up for lunch and/or dinner and those logistics. If you didn’t get that first e-mail and are interested, drop me a message at 3.rsblog AT Gmail DOT COM, and I’ll add you to the distribution list.

You can find out more about the Festival at its website, and follow them on Twitter. The list of authors who’ll be there is posted on the site, and information about panels and stages is supposed to go up later this month. Panels require tickets, which can be obtained online beginning April 19, the Sunday before the Festival, for a 75-cent service charge. Other than that cost and parking at UCLA, the Festival is free of charge! (But if you’re a book junkie, good luck getting out of there without spending any money.)

BOOKKEEPING: The Reading Status Report

Reviews posted since last report:
by Karen Harrington

Next reviews scheduled:
Nothing official until March 30, for The Sparrow Read-Along – and if you’re participating, don’t forget the discussion that Heather J. is hosting on March 16!

New to my LibraryThing “To Read” Collection:

       No new review books came in this week, and the book-buying ban is still in force! (Granted, I came close to caving when I spotted three of my Wishlist books at Target yesterday, but I held out – the “Sunday loophole” only applies to Sundays in Lent, not Saturdays. But it’s only a few more weeks till Easter…)

BOOKMARKS: Reading-related Reading

I did something a little different this week – I’ve got some reading-related links from non-book bloggers in the mix for you, too. Meet someone new!

One step forward, half-a-dozen steps back in recognizing women writers?

Could books (as printed matter) fade into obscurity? (Some things shouldn’t even be joked about!)

Do you focus on depth or breadth in your reading choices – and does going one way force you to fight the pull of the other? Also: when reading’s not a choice for kids, or how reading logs ruin the fun. Somewhat related: gee, look who forgot to mention he knows how to read!

In which an author provokes a reader’s (sound and) fury (the Faulker-haters line forms over there)

From blog to book – sometimes it’s not the best idea

I have never put as much research and effort into planning my reading as Eva does!

Some signs you might need a reading intervention

**It’s NOT too soon, folks – are you interested in helping out with Book Blogger Appreciation Week this year? Volunteer applications are currently being accepted. There are also a couple of ongoing BBAW-related projects that could use some helping hands.

Have a great reading week!

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