Week-End Review: Happy New Year!

Good day, and welcome to 2010! I hope that you’ve had a pleasant holiday week, and that your New Year is starting out with at least one day of relaxation and good cheer. Like all good Southern Californians, we’ll probably start the day with the Tournament of Roses Parade, but since Chris is hanging out with friends today, the rest of us will probably be spared the football games. Tomorrow morning he flies back to D.C., and on Monday it’s back to work, school, and the real world. Sigh.

Between the holiday blogging slowdown and all the year-end recaps, I don’t have too many new links to share with you this week, but since you may not have too much time to read them anyway, it’s probably for the best…

☺☺✫✫Happy New Year, everyone!✫✫☺☺

Dispatches: Links of the Week

(a little sparse this week, thanks to the holiday slowdown…)

Are you sure you’re ready for a new year? A little self-quiz might tell you…

Red Hat resolutions for the New Year

Who is a kid supposed to believe?

The trouble with to-do lists is all the OTHER stuff to do that never gets listed

Assorted Announcements

Thank you to the Scobberlotcher – author Karen Harrington – for sharing the Kreativ Blogger Award! Her blog has been a favorite of mine for quite awhile, and she’s a big supporter of the book-blogging community, so if you’ve never visited her, please make sure you do!

When she left the comment about the award, Karen also said she planned to start doing Tuesday Tangents in the New Year, to which I say “yay!” and “thank you!” In return, I promise to move her novel Janeology out of TBR Purgatory and make it one of my first-quarter RYOB Challenge commitments.

Special shout-out to wish a happy second Blogiversary to my friend Mike at Everything Under the Sun. His blog is always a source of amusement, and it’s where I usually find out about the latest dumb infomercials. He even mentions books once in a while. Stop by his blog and say hello!

New Arrivals in my Google Reader

Blogthings Quiz of the Week

I tried this for both my first and middle names (a/k/a my “Starbucks alias”) and got the same results. I love the color, and I wish all of the attributes were applicable – sadly, that’s not quite the case.

Your Name is Purple
Your name tells people that you are polite and cultured. You are well mannered and always act appropriately.
Compared to most people, you have a much broader view of the world. You are truly cosmopolitan.

People see you as wise and civilized. No matter how bad things get, you always keep your head.
If someone angers you, you try not to lower yourself to their level. Fighting and insults are beneath you.

Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend!

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  1. Happy new year! Hope you have a great one!

    Thanks for the shout-out. (Do people still say that?)

    Hope you had a great week with your family, especially with your son visiting.

  2. Mike – They probably don't say "shout-out" any more. I'm probably dating myself with that one. Oh well :-). Happy 2010 to you too!

    Stacybuckeye and Kathy (Bermudaonion) – Happy New Year to you!

  3. I actually managed to stay up until midnight to see the New Year in. I didn't think I would be able to manage that.

    I hope you will enjoy Janeology, Florinda! I really liked it when I read it.

    Yea to Mike for reaching the 2 year mark!

    I get all sorts of colors depending on the name I use in the survey. LOL

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year, Florinda!

  4. April – Same to you, and hope to see more of you in the New Year!

    Wendy (Literary Feline) – I think your review was one of the reasons I originally wanted to read Janeology.

    I dozed off during a movie last night, but once I woke up, I actually stayed awake till midnight. We read in the New Year and then turned out the lights at about 12:02 :-).

    J. Kaye – I hope so :-). Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Happy New Year! Hope you've had a great holiday season. My name is green, by the way. At least it's one of my favorite colors! Thanks for the link 🙂