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***This is not exactly blog-related, but I did mention and receive comments about it here: thanks to everyone who expressed concern and good wishes for my mother-in-law. She has been home from the hospital since Tuesday, and is still experiencing occasional, but less severe, dizzy spells. She has some help around the house, and my husband is keeping daily tabs on her by phone. She will be seeing a specialist soon, and hopefully after that, we’ll know more about what’s going on and what to do.

***I heard from a reader yesterday (hi, Tracy!) that she was having trouble getting comments to stick on the blog. Have you had that problem too? Sometimes I get a message that my own reply comments here can’t be processed, but if I hit “submit” again, they go through just fine. Anyway, if you’re having trouble leaving a comment on a post, please don’t hesitate to e-mail it to me at 3.rsblog AT Gmail dot com – I’ll respond to those, too!

Dispatches from across the blogiverse

Reflections on marriage and divorce…and the absence of either one

If you’re going to behave “like no one’s watching,” make sure that’s actually the case; and don’t forget they could be listening, too. Speaking of listening, does your favorite music correspond to your intelligence level? (I hope not. I’m quite aware I like some pretty dumb stuff.)

One person’s everyday miracles

Why it’s a problem when those in power act like the rules don’t apply to them

In Blogland, traffic is a good thing, and here’s a good discussion on attracting more of it; in real-world traffic, how do you feel about minivans?

Results of an (admittedly unscientific) poll of blog-readers’ least favorite features – constructive criticism, perhaps?

I don’t usually get so commercial around here, but I LOVE this show, and you should too: via The Park Bench, for all of my fellow lovers of great TV and/or casualties of the ’80’s – a special sale price on the DVD boxed set of Freaks and Geeks – The Complete Series(!).

Bargain-hunter of the week, via Not Always Right:
Insurance | Glasgow, Scotland
Caller: *on the phone* “I’d like a quote to insure 2 cars. Do I get a discount if it’s for 2 cars?”
Me: “Yes, as long as they’re registered at the same address.”
Caller: “OK, first I need a quote for my wife’s car.”
(I run through the details and tell him the price.)
Caller: “OK, now I need a quote for my girlfriend’s car.”
Me: “Er…OK.”
Caller: “Do I get a discount on the second one, then?”
Me: “Only if they’re registered at the same address.”
Caller: “OK.”
Me: *confused* “Do your wife and your girlfriend live at the same address?”
Caller: “What do you think I am? Stupid?”

More in store, via Not Always Right:

(I’m ringing up a customer and notice her last name is the same as mine. I have a very uncommon last name, so I made the mistake of mentioning this…)
Me: “Your last name is [name]? Mine, too. Wonder if we’re related?” *chuckle*
Customer: *very serious* “What is your name?”
Me: “Oh, I was joking, we’re not related; almost all of my family lives up in New England.”
Customer: *more serious* “What is your name?”
Me: “Uhhh…I’m no–”
Customer: “Do you have a brother named [brother’s name]?”
Me: “Yes, actually…”
Customer: “Is your mother [mom’s name]?”
Me: “Uh, yeah…”
Customer: “And your father’s name is [my estranged father’s name]?”
Me: “Well, he’s my biological father, yes.”
Customer: *sticks out hand* “Nice to meet you, I’m your step-mother!”
(The entire line of about a dozen people behind her gasps, like they were watching a soap opera.)
Me: “Oh, God…please don’t tell my father I work here.”
Customer: “You know why your father left your mother, right?”
Me: “Uh…no?”
Customer: “Because she cheated on him with [my stepfather]!”
(The line behind her gasps again.)
Me:” Oh, okay…”
Customer: “You know, your father is very heartbroken about you. You’ve grown up to be such a beautiful young woman. You should call him and talk to him just so he can see how you’re doing.”
Me: “Actually, we don’t–”
Customer: “You and I need to go out for coffee sometime. I have a lot of stories to tell you.”
Me: “Okay, well–”
Customer: “I promise, I’m not an evil stepmother. Well, I’ll see you later, sweetie!” *bounces out the front door*
Me: *speechless*
Next customer: “Sweetie, are you okay?”
Me: *still speechless*
Next customer: “Why don’t you take a break? We don’t mind waiting.”
Entire line: “No! Go take a break!”
Me, to my boss: “Hey, I’m taking a break. I’ll be back in–”
Boss: “For God’s sake, go home! I’ll see you on Monday.”

Bookmarks: Reading-related reading

Defining the “professional” reviewer

In support of grammar, via Not Always Right (excerpted):

Patron: “I can’t understand the words on the computer. It doesn’t make any sense! I’m so confused! All of a sudden, I lost my ability to understand writing. I opened an email from my granddaughter and I didn’t understand a word of it!”
(My coworker and I read the email:)
Hey grandma! I’ve been having a gr8 time in Ny with mom and dad. we’ll b back in ca on the 4th. I miss u! c u l8r!”
Coworker: “Um, I think she just wrote in a hurry and didn’t realize that you didn’t understand her shorthand. It’s teenspeak, so it’s a little hard to understand.”
Patron: “Oh, thank God…such a stupid girl! I’m going to tell my son to throw her TV and computer away and make her read some books!”

Book review pondering, via Examiner.com: review clichés, review usefulness, and a review template

Enjoy the weekend, y’all!

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  1. Kathy (Bermudaonion) – Thanks. We're glad she's doing better too, but a little frustrated that we don't really know much about what's causing the problem yet. Hopefully that will come soon.

    As I put this post together over the course of the week, one of my favorite parts is deciding what to include from Not Always Right. I LOVE that blog – it's my guaranteed laugh, most days.

  2. I loved Freaks and Geeks! I've had the DVD set since it came out! I don't remember what I paid, but it wasn't cheap. 🙁

    Glad your mom-in-law is back home. Hope she gets some answers soon.

    Actually , I just got am error while trying to comment. If you see this comment then re-submitting worked.

  3. Mike – The re-submit worked :-).

    Yeah, I think I paid full price for my DVDs too :-). I never saw the show during its original run, but I went through the whole set in about a month. I think I need to drag Tall Paul into it and watch it again.

    Bridget – I think I remember your mentioning Not Always Right on your blog not too long ago.

    I lived Freaks and Geeks too – I think I like the show so much because I know the territory so well :-).