iPod Random Ten, holiday weekend edition

Since my iPod reset itself overnight and I had to find a new place to start my playlist, it seemed like the right time for a Random Ten. (For the record, nothing was skipped this time!)

“R.O.C.K. in the USA,” John Cougar Mellencamp, Scarecrow
“Nights on Broadway,” Bee Gees, Bee Gees: Greatest
“Talk of the Town,” The Pretenders, Greatest Hits
“This Love,” Maroon 5, Songs About Jane
“Cool Jerk,” Go-Go’s, Greatest Hits
“Big Me,” Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters
“Not Dark Yet,” Bob Dylan, Wonder Boys (movie soundtrack – an unexpectedly good adaptation of what may just be my favorite Michael Chabon novel)
“I Hate Myself for Losing You,” Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway
“Strange Condition,” Pete Yorn, Musicforthemorningafter
“True,” Spandau Ballet, Entertainment Weekly’s ’80’s

Do you ever wonder about/get irritated by exactly what’s going on when your iPod is “shuffling,” and how the results don’t really seem terribly random at all? Then you’ll relate to this.

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  1. I could definitely relate to that article you linked, Florinda. I wish the shuffle feature on my computer was more like the transformer car from the Transformer movie that plays songs that match the mood and what you are thinking. (I recently say the movie so it’s on my mind.)

    Why is my cat trying to climb into the leg of my husband’s jeans (hubby’s not wearing them? Oop! They fell on top of him. Silly cat.

  2. That article was perfect! I skip on random quite a bit. I try to keep songs that will motivate me on my shuffle for when I run, but I still skip. Speaking of skipping…did you skip any songs this week? 🙂

  3. Literary Feline – That bit about your cat? THAT is true randomness, Wendy :-D.

    I make some really huge playlists in the hopes of more variety, but it doesn’t seem to come out that way.
    Music that picked up on your mood would actually be pretty cool.

    Mike – No, I didn’t skip anything this week. Didn’t you see Kelly Clarkson on that list :-)? The Pretenders song is my favorite from this particular group, though.