Ten on Tuesday: Time’s a-wastin’!

You would think that a Ten on Tuesday topic like “10 Favorite Time Wasters” would be a breeze…but it didn’t turn out that way for me. That isn’t to say I never putter around and waste time, of course. It’s more that I can’t come up with ten specific, different ways that I do it – most of my time-wasting activities fall into fairly broad categories. I’m also inclined to consider something more of a waste of time if I don’t enjoy it and/or it’s totally unproductive; I would be more inclined to consider the activities I like as “guilty pleasures.” Therefore, I decided to split my time-wasters into five “favorite” and five “least favorite.”

For the record, I consider reading books and blogging to be neither time-wasters nor guilty pleasures!


Twitter, especially reading some of the @user tweets – it’s like eavesdropping on a party from the fringe of the group!
Google Reader, which never stays empty for very long
Web surfing – these days, that usually means leaving Reader or Twitter to check out links
Shopping (online or off-) without buying anything!

Least favorite

Sitting stuck in traffic (I live and drive around LA; I do this one a lot)
Being on hold on the phone (especially considering how little I like to use the phone in the first place)
Waiting in line (without a book to read!)
Meetings without a clear agenda
Re-doing something I thought was already finished (which actually makes the first go-round the waste of time, I guess)

How do you prefer – and hate – to waste your time?

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  1. I agree with you that reading and blogging are NOT a waste of time, but I did list them, in order to get 10 items. πŸ˜›

    Have you tried StumbleUpon? It’s FUN. πŸ™‚

  2. Joyce – I just couldn’t count them that way, which is why I structured my list the way I did :-)!

    Thanks for stopping by – I liked what you named your list.

    April – I think nearly everyone who has to drive around LA agrees about that particular time-waster :-D!

  3. I like the napping idea. I’m all for that.
    you don’t consider blogging a guilty pleasure? Maybe I do because I blog when I should be doing other things.
    I hate waiting on hold, too. Our home phone buzzes but I don’t want to call about it because I don’t want to wait all day to make an appointment.

  4. Mike – I blog when I should be doing other things too – but I’ve mostly managed to conquer any guilt about it. It’s a valuable outlet for self-expression, and it’s given me opportunities to get acquainted with some great people – and neither of those is anything to feel guilty about, if you ask me :-).

  5. Blog hopping counts as wasting time? I’m so guilty of that! And I admit to napping on the weekends these days.

    Going to work came to mind. Haha That’s not a waste of time though. Not officially. πŸ˜‰

  6. Literary Feline – I think the consensus here is that anything blog-related is definitely NOT a waste of time :-D!

    I had to chuckle at your mentioning “going to work” as a time-waster. I know what you mean – some days, if it weren’t for that whole “need to pay the bills” thing…