Sunday Scraptacular #5

One thing I enjoy about this roundup is introducing myself to other bloggers via link – they see it in Technorati or their stats tracker for the first time and think “What the heck is this about?” I’d love to know if anyone who found this blog that way has stuck around. But it also makes me happy to show the link love to old blog-friends. If you’ve been checking out links here every week, I hope you’re finding them enjoyable too.

Before I get too far into it, though, I just wanted to remind you about the Dewey Donation System Book/Fundraising Drive! There’s a link to it in the sidebar too. There are incentives and prizes to be won by random donors, but the real incentive is the joy of giving books and helping the kids.

New in Google Reader this week (it was a big one for additions):
Working Dad: An Unauthorized Guide to Parenting, via Rebel Dad
Spudd Soup, via a guest post for On Balance (personal blog covering a range of topics, as often happens) Awake at the Wheel, via IttyBiz (personal development topics and more)
Happily Even After, via The Anti 9-to-5 Guide (marriage and relationships)
Tomato Nation and Velcrometer – part of my continuing mission to add TWoP-related blogs to my subscription list (Velcrometer’s actually an e-mail subscription, since I couldn’t find a feed option – what’s up with that, M. Giant?)
Pam’s Coffee Conversation, via BlogHer (thoughtful commentary on issues, politics, and religion)
Blogging Basics 101 (just what it says it is, because learning is good), via Sunshine’s Wednesday roundup on …and the Pursuit of Happiness
Stuff White People Like, via too many other blogs to mention – this was the consensus link of the week!

Book stuff NOT related to the Dewey Donation System
Several reviews caught my attention this week, and I’m making note of these books for my post-Easter trips to the bookstore (since you may recall that I gave up book-shopping for Lent, and I have stuck to it so far!):
John Lennon: All I Want is the Truth, by Elizabeth Partridge, via The Hidden Side of a Leaf
Sleep, Pale Sister, by Joanne Harris, via Bell Literary Reflections
Alentejo Blue, by Monica Ali, via Caribousmom (I actually have this author’s previous novel, Brick Lane, in my long-term-TBR collection, so I suppose I really should read that one first…)
An Absolute Gentleman by R.M. Kinder, via So Many Books, So Little Time

I’m not a participant in The Sunday Salon, but some of the book-bloggers I follow are, and if you’re always on the lookout for more book-related discussions, you should know about it. It even has its own feed-subscription options.

Blogging about blogging
Bea of Bub and Pie makes another Harry Potter connection, and two bloggers confront their addiction – I know just what they’re talking about, and you might too. But are you willing to get this personal on your blog?

Links that I can’t quite fit into a theme, but want to include anyway
The ins and outs of Human Resources (and best of luck to both Laurie and Deb)

Your car as a reflection of yourself; your house as a reflection of your kids, like it or not

I’ve lived in Florida, and can testify to the truth in this – heed the warning! And I really do have to agree that this is one of the coolest things about living in Southern California.

The Academy Awards are tonight! Given our weather forecast today – and what’s going on outside my window right now – that’s going to be one soggy red carpet (although I think they’ve put up tents over it or something). in any case, thank goodness I’m at home. If tthe ceremony were still held on a Monday evening, I’d be calling in sick to the office. Now Sunday is the night to see the stars in your own living room…but can you imagine one of them coming to your house for dinner? Honestly, what’s not to love about George Clooney?

Good luck in your Oscar pool, if you have one!

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  1. SC – Thanks for coming by!

    I haven’t been back to Ithaca since we left in 1991, but I might like to see it again sometime – in the summer or early fall, when the leaves are turning. I do miss that, but the winters are just too long!