Friday Fill-ins #60 (2)

Friday Fill-Ins #60

Janet put this week’s prompt up early, so I had thought I’d get these done and posted this morning. So much for plans. But this actually is going up on Friday evening, West Coast time, and that feels like a minor accomplishment.

1. Getting away from the everyday routine is the best thing about traveling.
2. I love a good fleece throw and a cup of hot chocolate when I’m cold.
3. I often use humor to try to reduce tension.
4. I’m reading One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson right now; I like it, but I need to finish it (and start on Atonement for my book club meeting in two weeks! Luckily, I read it a few years ago, so I can bluff if I have to…)
5. Bodily functions is are something I dislike talking about.
6. When I visited Memphis last spring, I most looked forward to seeing my friend Cherie, and the Zoo where I used to work (oh, and eating barbecue, but that’s in a different category).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting some shopping done and catching up on some blog-reading (actually, both are done as I write this), tomorrow my plans include errands, catching up on American Idol episodes on the DVR, working on this week’s Scraptacular post, and hopefully some reading, and Sunday, I want to read, write my Weekend Assignment, and have some family time!

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  1. I’m with you on #3. It’s not working tonight though. :-S Either I’m just not funny tonight or the person I’m trying to deal with just doesn’t share my sense of humor.

    Enjoy your weekend, Florinda!

  2. Literary Feline – I have to agree, Wendyl the “using humor” thing is a challenge when the other person just doesn’t seem able to see it too.

    Have a great weekend yourself!

    Mamacita Tina – They just say “cozy” to me; you, too?