Wiki Wednesday 9-19-07

Time to learn something!

1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.
3. Post it!

Well, at least it’s not about battleships this week. In fact. this is actually somewhat germane to the first of The 3 R’s, even though Indian genre fiction isn’t really my thing reading-wise:

Kinjal Kishor is a novelist in India currently working on the novel series Aatmayan. This is a major work of the author combining Indian mythology with western fantasy elements. Though this is the first trilogy novel of author, already fourteen novels have been written by him available with Monogram publishers (India).

He has also declared that works are in proceedings for a major science fiction novel, Reflexar, dealing with post apocalyptic effects of third world war, modern warfare, robots, nuclear radiation and time freeze.

He has also written some Mystery and Thriller novels. But Fantasy and Science-Fiction genre’s are his favourite. He may write a humorous novel in future as declared by him at various times but no such work in progress is confirmed by him. In his own words – ” I like romantic novels and have read some horror novels. Though I like to try various genre’s and like romantic novels, I possibly cannot write a good novel in these genre. But I may try a humorous novel. Though majority of my novels will always be in Fantasy genre followed by Science-Fiction”.

Good luck with your writing career, but I don’t think I’ll be among your readers.

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One comment

  1. Dear Florinda,

    I am Kinjal Kishor myself. I am glad that u took the time to read my wiki page. Lord of the rings is also my favourite movie. I am currently working on the fantasy trilogy Aatmayan (meaning the “legend of self” in our language hindi). The work is in very early stages and it is High Fantasy.
    Her is a Extract of first two paragraphs at the moment though it will be revised much till final :-
    “So, Which star will tell your destiny tonight, prisoner?”, (Previously this line was – “What are you looking at?”- now changed) asked Arathul, the prison guard. The prisoner looked straight in the amber eyes of the tall klaisk shifting his sight from the sky, searching for the same anger which burnt somewhere deep beneath his own chest and answered “Dhruva the pole star”.
    “Dhruva, I will free you from this eternal prison of yours if you so want Dhruva. what do you desire?” asked Arathul cunningly. Instead of giving an answer Dhruva looked for the rage that was always present in the burning eyes of Arathul,as a result of the contempt that all Klaisks always felt for humans. Dhruva for a fact knew too well that there was only one way to get out if ever from this keep, rest all was only a trick by Arathul to make him feel helpless and doomed for eternity.”

    Hope I fulfill expectations of readers of good fantasy with my novel and I sincerely hope that u also enjoy my novels. I am very much thankful for your best wishes for my writing carrier. I am at the moment only 24 years old. Best of luck to u also in all your endeavours. you can always email me at “”.